Selling my fruits of labor ( scrolls )

i’ve seen an exploit that could get this much shit in a night

you never welcomed me when I first posted here…this is legit my first post…18 days ago but it don’t have the picture of first time thingy

its more likely lost cargo

I’ve been playing since release, have completed many a treasure chart, and I still have yet to get 5 of each scroll.

it’s most likely from ship battle.

I HAVE FUCKING almost 100 hours of AO , AND JUST HAVE 3 PULSAR AND 3 AXE SLASH , and all the other enchant scroll only one or two , damn bro , that not looks like ok

(ALSO yes I farm much , much charts etc , chests

if you were an exploiter, this is a pretty dum move.

If it doesn’t then it’s not your first post. It could have been anything, like a deleted message/topic, personal/direct message, etc.

Also I am literally unable to get everyone. I owe my thanks to the community that I was able to welcome as many people as I did when AO dropped. Like 80% of the welcomes are because someone notified me of a new person. I really wish a bot or smth @'d me when a new person sends their first message but that will never happen as it is a really niche and small community tradition.


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