Shadow magic needs buff?

shadow doesnt need a buff its just boring
good stats but has the least unique status in game with no synergies

I think colorblind is pretty unique, just not useful

Not that it needs it since its raw stats are the best in the game

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Visual buff or another effect, and shadow will be even better than most magics


if color blind had like a blurring or pulsing effect that would be cool

makes it slightly more disorienting + helps add on to the “a dark force drains your energy” vibe

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:+1: true

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Ngl I want to see how color blindness and normal blindness interact if they’re both on somebody

equinox magic effect leak

Normal blindness is better i think

honestly the only thing id change is make it have more interactions not sure how though

I don’t get why it doesn’t synergise with poison, it would make sense too since light gets snuffed out in a poison cloud, shadow would like do the opposite and maybe get stronger?


honestly that’s not a bad idea

Or ash for that matter, I mean both make giant dark clouds that obscure vision and shadow could take advantage of that