Share your rival!

where is boyle

why is she using iron leg on her peg leg :sob:

Iron peg


shes kinda cute

Her name is small btw

i dont have a rival bc all the low level npcs i gank just despawn immediately :sob:

Okay rival 2 and I remember why I didn’t get rivals on the rest of my files.

He uses glass and fire magic which is a W combination.
I’ll get pictures of him later

no denial


how the great have fallen…

How could adkins do this?!

You have to kill the same NPC thrice without any other kills in between. So three consecutive kills of the same bounty.
You have to wait for them to respawn after they die.

Anyways, rival dump time

These ones you might know if you saw the forum nemesis project submissions, I explained them there

New rivals I got after the forum nemesis project:
Klein, white mage outfit, Wood/Glass Paladin
He got stuck in jail for several hours because he bugged out until I finally got him

Flynn, purple berserker outfit, Basic Combat/Cannon Fist Berserker(?)

Nguyen, green merchant outfit, Acid/Light Paladin(?)
He reminds me of Hawkins

Since that’s 12 files, one per build, I’m not going to get any more…
For now, anyways

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