Shitposting Odyssey

Kamehameha aaahh attack

-barack obama before being obliterated by the 「BIDEN BLAST」

somebody liked my old post which reminded me that this exists

maya and caria in pots by @dreamkeeper

The maker of the following meme has chosen to stay anonymous



oooh ma gawwd

Who created ? I like their post


I wonder what this could reference :eyes: :eyes:

it was an alt who made it (gonna guess rb1)

God that took me a second and I was not prepared


Noble is the last thing I would call this forum :skull:

Nah he can’t win anymore

headcanon:the red shirt guy from the gamepasses is the main character


Let my homeboy be :sob:

the most canon character
vetex’s name (geno arcturus)
that red shirt guy
spare elius
savant with second magic
lightning magic as first magic

toletole gankclub > silly wizards

Aether lightning first, cataclysm seconds magics, uses eagle patrimony (because lightning, not because it is the only one in the game) and uses sailor style because yummy lightning. No weapons because weapons have crusty VFX

They tell savants to erase themselves because they fear what savants can be truly capable of in their second awakenings

don’t ever stop the savant sweep my savabros :fire: