Siren fanart(s) yes there are more than 1



Screenshot 2023-09-03 131607

bro is going to violate us
and some will be happi to be


Also not if I violate them first

(I MEAN WITH MY PULSAR(idonthavesurgeyet))

big birch pulsar

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she forgot how to spell “filthy” when she thought you were an AOE demon

GAH ZAMN the rendering n everything is goated as always ^^
i love how deranged and psychotic you made their expressions :00 it’s honestly really fitting given their nature of killing and deception… and the fact you were able to draw these sorta quickly is still amazing :sob::sob:

good luck with college ^^ looking forward to the pieces you’ll make in the future once you have time

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well damn im scared…smash


Thank you stellarii, i appreciate ur comments on my posts a lot
i’ll try my best to survive college

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“Finally… some good fucking women to kill and rob.”


2000 IQ
(complete sentence)

To be honest, I would definitevely destroy them not gonna lie


Cool. when sun magic is released im going to burn these devilish harpies (sirens)

Nice art (random beerus photo)