Stellari’s Doodle Thread

Derpy Noelle is best Noelle.

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she saw someone doing the griddy

iris said she can’t eat paper :pensive:


Welcome back! :).

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This. Draw what you want! Dont feel obligated to have to draw something other than Noelle for us.

guys i’m alive i swear you gotta believe me

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Glad to hear it, but don’t pressure yourself to post anything here.
It’s a very busy time of the year; a lot of us are trying to catch up or study for exams, or there’s a lot of work…
It’s a busy time for us all. We understand that it isn’t easy, and we know how it is. Don’t worry about it; we’re all together in this.

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temporarily awakening from my hibernation to post the 18727172828732166162772392716616th doodles of Noelle
i tweaked a bit of my artstyle, just some subtle changes but im a lot happier with it
(also slight spoilers one of the doodles for a wip of like her 3rd remade ref sheet ;;^ ^ i gave her a new outfit for Nimbus so i js wanna update her sheet a bit)


I knew something was different - in the best way possible.
Seriously, the changes, again, I have zero clue what has changed exactly, but it’s definitely made everything so much cuter!
And I’m glad you’re happy with it! As I just said, it looks very good!


STELLA, YOU’RE BACK! Glad to hear you’re enjoying your art more. It looks somehow cleaner than before, nice to see the improvement.

… All that said, get outta here while you still can. This place’s gone off the deep-er end.

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i smell art improvement, thas nice

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what’s happening now….

AAAAAAH THANK YOUUU!! (complete sentence)

i wouldnt say im completely back but ill try posting here ever once in a blue moon :>

aur i thought so
i missed youu im glad youre ok :sob:

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You don’t want to know.
I didn’t wanna know either, but I ended up seeing it anyways. So, trust me, you don’t wanna know.
But, for a summary:
Some random I’m like 90% sure is just a troll account started a massive stink + uh, acko made another Dame Cassenia post.

Anyways, addressing your reply to me… You’re welcome, as always! (I too hate the forums sentence checker)

It involves yet another art argument, Morden and a female white eyes. Shall I continue?

At this point I admit I’m desensitized to those. Especially seeing as the art’s so good I forget how cursed it is.

I was referring more to the expected community reaction… And how that started lighting the forums up, once again.

Wake me for the 18727172828732166162772392716617th

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