Testament of Othrys - An Arcane Odyssey Tournament Series

Yeah this was quite a hectic first round

Got jumped after recording the match between Blink and Morsh.

Synphex and Gabriel_AnWoltz15, what the hell?

worse was it was on a USW server, so reaction time’s hardly a factor.

truly a bruh moment
gonna continue recording round 2 matches today though
cuz people are saying its a slow tourney again.

Hopefully key is ready later, but my older sister is graduating today…


It’s at 6:00 too so if we want to do the match we have less than an hour to make it


Honestly, my luck is horrible. Arcane Odyssey keeps on crashing without warning after finishing the loading screen. No “error”, it just closes out. I missed getting a free sunken last night because of it.

So, even if I do get a chance today, I probably won’t even be able to attend because of this annoying glitch.