The forums must rename the user above them

now please shut for an minute or 5, im making an topic

gib me a special mention plss. im your biggest fan


noo plsss i beg


next topic i do im mentioning you

knowndebt @speakableioy

VerticalOffshoreReferenceFrames @vorf

Too much of the both of you piled on top for me to pick just one of you to rename.

his fault he made me say the naughty word!!!


(I am understanding what the ioy stands for correctly, right?)

if you REALLY want to know the whole lore.
On holiday in spanish library. Came across a silly looking game called roblox. spent 15 minutes contemplating what to go with. went with supergamerboycool21. Scrapped it since the ladies wouldnt like it. I was a big fan of unspeakablegaming at the time so little me thought, i know ill be the exact opposite!! then i was like nah thats not enough so i looked infront of me and a barely alive grandma was on a banking app called Yoigo and i was like ill just reverse yoi to ioy and boom!!!

Mic drop


Damn, thought it was like an I Owe You.

ik i had to google LMAO