The most petty mf your ever gonna see

If there was one game to not exploit in it should be Arcane Odyssey. Headless is legit some sort of criminal mastermind / dark wizard like wtf is he doing over here please don’t kill my family.


bros dumb as shit if he didn’t know that lmao

he probs deleted every hate comment in his video :skull:

He definitely did :sob:

he deleted the video lmfao

It’s kinda crazy that he actually went through with what he said he would. Pretty sure he can lose his roblox account from what he’s doing

His viewers are braindead too :skull:

ain’t no way this guy streaming

yo, he said he’s the most petty person on stream!

He said “Noble got his ip”
Bro actually getting his ass lol

bro they keep catching him on live this shit funny lol

dumbest motherfucker ive ever seen

Some person even said like most of his members left his discord this shits funny :sob:

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@Misinput was the lightning strike that revealed his user from mods

Both of his accounts got banned cause he’s super dumb at hiding his usernames.
He says he wants to go back on it, but if he did, he should probably stop blatantly publicly exploiting

Members of his discord have made threats/suggestions to grab the IPs of arcane odyssey moderators and ‘jump them’ irl

His promotions of the exploits, both on youtube and in his discord, will likely lead to him losing his server and both of the accounts he uses for them. Youtube I have a mild doubt, but discord might just delete his server and his account because he was promoting the video and linked to the exploit in said video
[Unless he didnt notice the massive discord link on the client ; but he does link to it in the youtube comments too]

He claimed on stream that Noble had his IP : But I can say this right now as someone who knows how half of roblox moderation works:
He probably doesn’t.
Roblox bots and moderation tools cannot access your IP. If they could, that would be a massive violation. I am not talking about Certified moderators of the site, but moderators of specific games.
What they are likely doing is tracking many different things including server notifications, quests completed, items picked up, chests, maybe certain level milestones, and what not.

They cannot and should not have your IP.

He fucked up his youtube channel, roblox account, and probably his discord community server because he wanted to use exploits.

mods must be shaking in their boots rn

🔴Shadow Warlock Exploiter Progressionll Arcane Odyssey🔴 - YouTube (the stream)

Raised in a cave, his homies are Tyrannosaurus rex and pterodactyl.

He privated it lol



Did he fr-

Heres some screenshots for archiving sake

Headless hiding his method of descreetly hacking every bank in the world behind a lego game