The Reserve of BBII

The Reserve of BBII
convenience 5.0 9 fairness 5.0 9 trustworthiness 5.0 9

The Reserve of BBII

Sunken Items

Sunkens Sword Helm Chest Boots
Clean 1 4 5 3
Powerful 4 1 1
Hard 7 4 2
Bursting 2 1 4
Strong 1 2 3 1
Forceful 5 1 2
Swift 2 1 4
Nimble 3 1
Keen 5 1 1
Total Sword Helm Chest Boots
72 2 34 17 19

Minotaur Items

Minotaur Axe Helm Chest Boots
Clean 7 10 8 11
Hard 1
Bursting 1 2
Strong 1
Forceful 2
Swift 1 2 1
Keen 2
Total Sword Helm Chest Boots
49 8 14 10 17

Exiled Items

Exiled Sword Shield Helm Chest Boots
Clean 17 20 16 14 16
Hard 1
Keen 2
Total Sword Shield Helm Chest Boots
86 17 21 18 14 16

Halloween Seasonals

Headless Heads


Chest Rewards
Obtained from Chests 199
Pumpkin Fedora 34
Dark Omen Mask 48
Head Wrappings 32
Mini Cauldron 49
Death Crown 36
Fishing Rewards
Obtained from Fishing 68
Candy Beanie 11
Halloween Bag 9
Body Wrappings 35
Skeleton Wizard Hat 4
Hallowed I 9
Quest Rewards
Obtained from Quests 75
Shoulder Crow 11
Bat Wing Headband 17
Leg Wrappings 15
Skull Chain 18
Hallowed II 14

July 4th Seasonals

July 4th Caps


July 4th Sunglasses



Contact Information:

Discord: BBII#3931
ROBLOX: HerobladeX

Recent Trade Log:

+ WoJ
- N/A, Boss Drop
[50K Exiled]

Last Updated: September 8, 2021


Until further notice or the release of AO, this reserve is unavailable to participate in any trades or offers that are posted in the replies below. For the time being, this reserve will act solely as a visible inventory to the public.

Recommended Shops:


What will you want for sunken?

This will be added later into the shop, but as above 80% of the items available will be sunkens or headlesses, the only items valid will be sunkens or headlesses.

For now, the shop is not open.

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I want to offer on your clean sunken helmet: heavy Woj+Swift vastira+ swift oath

I am currently interested in sunken items/headlesses almost exclusively.

I got 2 strong sunken swords 1 clean sunken sword 1 powerful sunken chest 1 swift sunken helm 1 clean sunken boots u want any of this?

Hi I am looking for a swift or clean sunken sword. I can offer clean sunken iron chest piece and bursting sunken iron leggings. My discord is JorisRoblox#8289 :smile:

Looking for a Headless, if you still got any in stock, if you are only interested in sunken items, I can offer a clean sunken chest, also have some boss drops i can add in too

looking for a clean sunken sword for all of these:image (NOT INCLUDING EQUIPPED.)

Hey, I’d like to trade my swift sunken sword for your hard sunken sword + clean sunken boots. DM me at aabraham#9636 if you would like to do this.

I would like nimble sunken boots for boss items

Hey, I have a clean sunken chest can I trade that in for a Sunken sword?

What about a clean sunken chestpiece, clean exiled helmet, clean minotaur boots and a strong minotaur helmet for a hard sunken sword?

I would like to trade one clean headless head for one clean Mr. Grey.

nvm I’m keeping it

mans fr broke rn.

but what happened

I think he just closed it and removed everything from it.

could be so ye, im still very confused tho