Thread Of W.W In Different Situations Art

where is the cake?

please tell me yu are joking, pulling a funny little josh, a gaff, a little practical tomfoolery.

Pin on Splatoon

to this I raise you Frye

…the image isn’t loading


stabbing someone to death

big man’s neutral pose

I prefer the big man to the other two idols, although when I finally do get splatoon 3 I’m going to be doing THE IMPOSSIBLEUVUERTIUOVGKU act of picking your splatfest team based off the actual fucking themes instead of simping for a character

for my next art that I will work sometime soon on I’m gonna do it based off of shooting some wild magic at W.W till I get something that affects their appearance. (only sock could conceivably know what I’m doing, go try and guess what I rolled)

Where is the cake?!

you said either or

… I want a cake :(
okay have fun goodbye

alright guys here’s the child again

also here’s the link to the wild magic page: Wild Magic! - Google Docs
get guessing