Trading Clean Sunken Boots

Trading clean sunken boots, Offer below or DM me on discord.

Discord: Mr_Winner#6450

Also don’t do shit offers… please… thank you

you mom

you dad


2500 crowns?

This is a shit offer :fr:

clean sunken boobs

bruh i said no shit offers, that is worse then a shit offer man

I see people here commenting that this is a bad offer, without giving some advice here, or explaining why it is bad. This is what I’m here for (for real you all should be helping the new people :fr:).

Crowns are quite easy to get by themselves. Farming a boss or just plain chest / quest farming. They’re even easier with a trick called code abusing.
Code abusing is when you redeem a crown code, then keep farming crowns from chests / bosses. Then transfer them to your main save. Pretty easy stuff. Can get heaps of crowns. Because of this, crowns are basically worthless in the trading community.
Trading crowns is the equivalent of trading literal air in an air made bottle to your local store. You are never going to buy ANYTHING on the planet with that.

Next, Sunkens are by far the most valuable items WoM can offer (unless you got something with Vetex’s name on it lmao). You would need to fork over quite a lot of good boss drops to get even these Clean Sunken Boots. They aren’t even a good enchant! Nobody would even think of just taking boss drops for a good enchant Sunken. Usually, people will add one or two clean or bad enchant Sunken. Maybe even just one good enchant Sunken. Plus a couple of good enchant boss drops, or a couple cleans.

I hope this helped.


nah headless is, imagine if someone got a headless from vetex. Bro that shit would be worth ALOT.

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Or a headless head from Headless.

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