Updated PVP TIPS


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i’d be curious to see what some other people i’ve fought gets

like one of my friends has such good aim he just has a straight up kill aura whenever u enter his blast and beam range (doesn’t matter if ur dashing and t jumping around he’ll still hit you)

Not really, because the place range is not enough distance usually, atleast for me. So I suppose doing more damage would be better.

How long did it take you to get 95%?

second attempt

geezus, i had to pour my absolute focus to get 88.7%, I should spar you fr whats your user?

it’s sour_stuff, and yeah my first one was like 80% but ig it was just a warmup bc i locked IN for that 95%

are u on rn? imma open ely join me fridgeuchiha

i could hop on for a bit but i’m going somewhere soon so i won’t stay for too long

After playing this, I have now decided to use braindead attack size in my builds :sob:

and i thought i was a yapper

Bruh if you guys are using Aim Trainers then use like Kovaaks or something if you have money, if you’re poor you know Aimlabs is free right?

This is pretty useful! I dont plan on pvping that much or at all but its good to have sone background.

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man idk took me 4 attempts and i suck at this
also i know im not the first but just saying this shit kinda ehhhhhhh

This is the only aim trainer i’ve ever used. So i wouldn’t know about better ones

Why? How? I got literally 25 :sob::sob:

aim/reflex trainers are a pseudoscience. if you want to improve in a game then just keep practicing that game and you will get better

I disagree i got considerably better after using an aim trainer.

its like saying that studying wont make you better at exams because you need to just take more mock exams instead

it may not be as efficient as direct practice, but its hella easier than looking for people to spar with