[USEFUL] All Important WoM Info/Links

No, I’m fine. Thank you.

Usage 100


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i meant nice

nono rice is fine :+1:

oh ok they returned


its just for some reason people with major posts on the forums are not very active
Look at Reminders for AO

honestly i grantee you that once the game comes out people will return, hopefully its will be more content filled that WOM and might actually get content creators to promote it etc, i played WOM cos of the memories of AA but that was a letdown but AO seems like what WOM shoulda been


sorry for the ranting felt like talking and very bored rn lmao

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Quick question but are you planning to update this for Arcane Odyssey or not?

yea i wana wait till a release date is annonced tho

i dont wana start updating info that isnt set in stone yet

Alr, just wanted to know. U dont have to do it now obviously

no one remembers me…

this is perfect :troll: