V lost in Sameria desert (and other doodles)

This post would be getting very different reactions if it was the fighter jacket

And? I need more context

I read this as “now draw her balling” for a moment

Oh my god!!! :laughing: Vee!!! Thy must admit, they are but a whirl of sunshine!!!

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Mods, grind his bones into corn flakes

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Compare the two yourself. There’s clear differences.
If you still don’t get it:

The original jacket doesn’t come with a wrap on the chest. The joke is that such an outfit on a female character would be disallowed by forum guidelines.

Im still having trouble to even understand your point.
I don’t know if you’re trying to point out that fighter jacket for females shouldn’t have the banadage chest wrap, or tryna point out this art is sexual even though acko would’ve asked the owner of the artist if the art was allowed, or you just don’t like how it looks because the jacket in the art isn’t accurate to the actual design in the game?

It was a joke at how most comments are horny, more or less. By me pretending to be disappointed that the jacket is inaccurate to its source material—which is completely open. Acko wouldn’t be able to post the art if he actually did that, hence the comment being a joke.

Oh I see, To be fair Acko’s women art is too good that people would be drooling a waterful when they see more acko’s woman art.

hear me out

I will not hear you out. Go seek therapy.

now draw the mods atomizing his ribs

how is this not considered NSFW

i don’t think it reveals enough to be considered that

it still does though, stop being horny

you’re the one being horny, it’s barely anything


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mods, strike this post to the ground

exactly, the #1 rule of my life >:(