Weapon & Vitality Update Patch Notes (Discussion Thread)

And its will kill fire mages.

Yeah, maybe changing colour doesn’t makes sense, but it doesn’t ruins look for magics like fire.

new ancient magic leak: spirit fire

could it be? after all these years, the famed blue fire variation?

I doubt that spirit energy will dominate over magic’s colour. Its wouldn’t make sense for most of magics. I think its will be left raw or magic’s colour will dominate over spirit energy.

watch as changing the name from warden to oracle somehow wipe every vitality builds

since spirit weapons have to be blessed by gods theres probably only one of each, unless a god blessed

unless one of the god blessed a set of items like a bunch of bracelets for their priests

this probably, what says a god cant bless multiple items?

nothing, but the name “patrimony” implies that the mc’s spirit weapon is especially sacred, and i think stuff like that would probably apply to most others

however id imagine more common ones wouldnt be like that

I meeaaan…They are 2 primordial forces, so maybe they will mix?

One of the things a ghost can say is “You must be one of those priests… Come to terrorize the village with your gift from the gods? Those spirit weapons… what were the gods thinking giving their followers something like that? King Arthur won’t stand for it! Away with you!” So there most likely are multiple.

Actually, Patrimony just means its some inheritance from your father or a male ancestor, not somethinng specifically sacred.

I think you should look more into the name “Eagle”… because an Eagle is actually a sacred symbol of Zeus.

In the lore, Zeus died somewhere between Y0-Y50, maybe earlier down the line, years before the War of the Gods.

So if that Spirit Weapon is specifically blessed by Zeus, then that thing is OLD old. It might even be from BEFORE the Age of Magic. No wonder its so important to the MC. It mightve been in their family for so many generations before they got it (as it is specifically stated to be an old heirloom)

And a Spirit Weapon from the former King of the Gods shouldnt be no deal at all. (Also, is this why MC is so willing to take on asks to look for lost items? Because I remember there were specifically two NPC quests where MC was asked to look for lost famiy heirloom, both were necklaces…)

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grahh where trello update I’m starting to foam at the mouth

Uhm ackshually, one of them was a bracelet!

Recently, I’ve been wondering about what the quality of the EP will be, if Spirit Weapons even have those. Given that it’s implied to be about as old as Ancient Magics, it might be the same as the dagger Morden gives the MC, although if it’s that important to the player, it might have all five skill slots.

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Looked into it, this is our spirit weapon


I believe that.

is this a bug or intentional

Probably bug.
But if its intentional then its jover. I cant seems to be able to trade the figure-head as well. So only eggs are tradable

that’s just inferno
Screenshot 2024-01-27 090330

same bud