What forumer is a mascot of what magic and why?

i’ll always be the one people think of when inferno is brought up

i think of sand whenever i hear your name

Rker? hell for me is like someone toxic

And me , what you think about^? ( bro on my profile is everything about of fire

The profile cap is a burning user

fire and snow

Thanks that already awesome.

i managed to be a mascot for 2 magics

For me you looks like water , and plasma

both are mid




you’re the first person i think of when i think of snow

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shit uh make me the mascot of a magic jit

Hehe :niceman:

No djit you gotta dick ride the magic

Thanks man , i really love snow and fire , ALSO be a support i love help persons keep alive.

its jit not djit and im not gay so i guess i cant

the hell is a jit

Shortening of “legit”, with the term “legit” being a shortening of “legitimately”.