Who has the fattest ass in Ravenna?

Iris is Ravennian you stupid idiots… all my money on Calvus

it says in ravana not ravanian, also king calvus cakes for the win

I did include in the post that people from Ravenna count, sorry for the confusion

np, then yes iris is in the ring again

argos im betting 200 krillion galleons on it

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these forums have been getting alarmingly insufferable lately


I seriously cannot believe that there are people in here that would even consider asking this kind of question. Because we all know that king Calvus easely takes the spot and is not even a competition

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This chick

Revon decided to put her ass to work in the mines

search up “send home the booty” and you’ll get the answer @TheFollest I cant post here because the mods will smite me

I could probably make an in lore analogical essay of every ravennan character’s ass but I do not want to get banned so I will just say Argos

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(complete sentence)

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its probably saggy get out of here

be quiet you arent a man of true culture

ur mad because you know it sags to the floor

im about to say some bad words buddy…you dont want to see me angry… :wolf:

I don’t know how I missed this reply, never saw that dialogue before that’s hilarious

mods, smite this man