Who is the best waifu in Arcane Odyssey?

ngl the blacksmith at cirrus got me

her and dame are the best imo

Morden or that one alchemist in ravenna (I used her to remove an enchant)

dame better tho

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I REFUSE to sexualise the BLOCK characters



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mayor tilly

Edward Kenton my beloved

Skye snow is truly the best waifu in AO

Edward Kenton :heart:

edward is third imo

As long as they aren’t bearded, balding, or (overly) muscular, I’m willing to simp for anyone (girls and guys), whether it’d be Prince Revon or Pirate Captain/Assassin Journeyman No. 75.

Morden and Edward Kenton, nuff said

Sea monster

nah nah joking
Edward Kenton of course

Leader of the jaw pirates :drooling_face: