Why didnt they dodge Julian?

idk man can’t thermo fist just melt the glass?

Wasn’t general Argos supposedly the strongest in the bronze legion making Julian weaker? Which means we should be able to solo

Non magic builds still use magic in AO, it’s just passively imbued to all of their attacks without a particular element

apparently you subconsciously imbue magic with all attacks, even on non magic routes
aka vetex couldnt come up with a better idea

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Argos was the strongest non-aura user

He did use aura tho or else he wouldn’t wield a devourer

i swear im hallucinating
check the order logs, I remember seeing it there(on chromebook rn so i cant)


bruh that shit is weak asf lmfao :skull::sob: 15 damage every swipe and you can just dash out of it

and all the attacks like have small as hell hitboxes :joy:

That is post awakening for weapons (weapon aura)

yeah it’s not meant to kill you it’s just meant to be stuck in you

nope, one of the fighting style mentors says that some people don’t even notice

these two things are not mutually exclusive lol

Well duh he was out of his prime and we didn’t even have a curse

He would’ve had to use an aura to fight Beringer