its for a valid reason though

why is pinging vetex so crazy

Please add customization freely cuz i don wanna be stuck on one name and one magic all on one file

I wanna switch to veronica gates while my hometown is ironport

while you’re at it, add the rest of the continent, mastered magic, magic markings, etc, wouldn’t take long, just a few lines i think

im alive

see guys vetex is a nice lad he doesnt ban over pings

did u miss the part where it says [WoM]
its not an update its literally a number in a text file

he actually did it. thx vetex ily. you just saved wom


this is gonna be fun…

bro thinks sunken armor and large cape is good drip :skull:

we didnt have allat fashion back then

we should be able to get seasonals in wom 2

Imagine max Casting Speed Set

Still cant believe people have the patience to get sunkens in wom2

but they still don’t have patience to get a sunken in Broken AA (Fishing is still not broken)

Gonna wait for that high explosive magic with 5k bursting showcase…

Blast probably…

Not big enough, I expect something more than that
Only seen that in that explosion showcase video grr

please showcase level 10k item magic size lol, also how did u get so much money?
(also also pls let me in your priv bro ill help you grind)

upgrades and enchants were reduced by 50% and its not that hard to get crowns at lvl 10000