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World of Magic - The Roblox Game

Game Related Questions

When will the next update come out?

The updates will come out when they are ready to come out. You can keep up with each update on the trello under the To Do card. (Linked here - To-do List ) Keep in mind that an estimate is not the guaranteed release date of an update, it’s merely an assumption of when it could come out at the current pace the update is being developed at, it’s always subject to change.

I found a bug, where do I report it?

You can DM a tester on discord, or send as much information about it to @_vetex on twitter. Including things such as the f9 or how you could replicate the bug will also help in patching it.

What’s the best magic?

There is none, use whatever you see fit. If there is ever a point where one magic is much stronger than all the rest, it will be rebalanced. The goal is for all magic’s to be equal, and have slight differences from each other.

Will any data I had, such as save files, items, etc., transfer to the release?

Yes, all data from any open test will transfer to the release.

What are the in-game rules?

Anything like exploiting or abusing bugs may result in you being banned from the game. Roblox rules also apply to the game as well, such as paying robux or real life currency for in-game items, doing so will result in a ban.

If there’s an exploiter in my server, what do I do?

Record proof of the exploiter with a recording software like Shadowplay, OBS, Medal, etc. and send it to one of the Moderators who has the Game Moderator role, you can find these moderators quickly by using the “::banners” command in the commands channel, then direct messaging one of the users who is online.
(If at all possible it’s best to avoid using the built-in roblox recorder, as it’s not the best, and it can be hard to tell who the user you’re reporting is.)

Continuation of above ^, What if I don’t have recorded evidence of an exploiter?

Unfortunately mods can’t do much without recorded evidence, unless it’s something an exploiter does that only requires a screenshot to prove they exploit, a mod cannot ban an exploiter if you don’t have video evidence.

A user seemingly walked through the wall on my screen, does that mean they’re an exploiter?

Not exactly, as you may know, terrain and buildings are destructible, however some terrain or buildings may be destroyed on the other players screen, allowing them to walk through it, but not you. Please consider this before reporting someone for something like this. This doesn’t mean they cannot be an exploiter though, again just think before reporting someone for this.

Where can I find the lore for the game?

You can find it linked in this google doc. Lore

Is using Roblox client bugs punishable?

Yes, this would be counted as an exploit and you would be banned from the game if you abused it in a harmful way. (ex: in pvp or pve)

A message appears when I try to equip an item that says I must be of “xxx” culture to equip the item, what does that mean?

When you spawn in you are given a culture, each culture has its own set of items and armor, and you cannot equip items or armor from a culture that is not your own.

How do I get titles such as Top Donator?

There will be multiple ways to get titles, like donating to the game, or winning seasonal in-game tournaments.

Will data be wiped?

It isn’t planned to be, no, however if there is ever a scenario where something occurs that requires data to be wiped, it will be announced in advance.

Is using a macro punishable?

Yes. If you are caught using a macro to fish you will be banned for 3 days. There are already measures to prevent macro fishing in the game, so it is not allowed.

Is this all the game has to offer?

There will be much more in the future, such as new quests outside of fetch quests and kill quests, new areas on the map, and more, you can keep up development on the Trello.

Is there a World of Magic Wiki?

There is no official World of Magic wiki created by Vetex, all ones you may find are fan-made, so not all information will be completely accurate.

I was banned from the game, how do I get unbanned?

You can appeal to one of the moderators who has the Game Moderator role, if you provide sufficient proof to appeal, you may be unbanned. To easily find users with the Game Moderator role, use the ::banners command in the commands channel, and it will display all people who can ban / unban.

Is there a main questline?

A main questline will be added to the game in the future. As of right now, there isnt one.

If I lose my items or data due to bugs, is it possible to restore them if I have proper evidence?

No, there is already an automatic save data restoring system, so if your items or data get wiped from your main save as well as the backup, there is nothing we can do.

Can I get a refund for gamepasses?

Unless the gamepasses didn’t work when you bought them, no. The only time refunds are given (including the real world, not just Roblox) is when you buy something and didn’t get what was promised.)

NPCs run away from me and I can’t buy things. Are there any shops for bad reps?

At the moment, no. In the future there will be wandering merchants for both good and bad rep players, which will sell random items and sometimes cultural items. There will be wandering alchemists and metalworkers as well.

Discord Questions

If I’m banned from the discord will I be banned from the game as well or vice versa?

If you broke a rule in the discord, you will not be banned from the game. The only time players get banned from the game is from exploiting, which would cause you to be banned from the discord as well if we find out that you’re in it.

What does “xxx” role do (on discord)?

Check the #📚-role-descriptions channel on discord.

Where can I suggest features to the game?

The best place to suggest features or changes is on the World of Magic Forum, however if you wish to mention vetex on twitter (@_vetex) that is also a way of sending your suggestion. Please consider checking out the trello before sending your idea though, to avoid repeats. Another option is DMing your suggestion to a tester / moderator if you want to.

How do I get the Tester & Moderator role? Is there a way to apply?

There is no real way to get the roles, at the end of the day all testers are chosen by Vetex, and moderators are chosen from Testers by Vetex. There is no way to apply for either role, you are chosen.

Can I advertise my guild in the discord?

Yes, any discord related to World of Magic is allowed, as well as on the forum.

Do levels in the discord apply to levels ingame, or vice versa?

No, the level system in the discord is to show your activity in the discord, it isn’t related to the game.

Extra Questions

Will Adventure Story ever continue development?

No, since the code of the game is old and the game was already suffering from server lag and other issues. A few months after WoM releases I will start working on a side game similar in style to Adventure Story, but it will be a 3D platformer instead of a turn-based battle game. (this is just an idea, no guarantee it will release or ever become a full game)

Are there any ways I can help with the development of World of Magic?

Other than donating to the game, buying gamepasses, or reporting bugs, there is no other way to directly contribute to the development.