1.15 Best Stat

  • Attack Size
  • Attack Speed
  • Agility
  • Intensity
  • Regeneration
  • Armor Piercing
  • Resistance
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Size plus power imo, since every other substat got gutted, defense no longer gkves regen and is countered by ap, regen barely works and resistance is gimmicky

defense is still nice, while it may not regen back as fast it is a bigger number compared to lesser number

Defense had the hardest fall out of any stat

As a person with a AOE Warlord, i see this as an absolute win.

Was thinking of switching from attack speed to attack size on my main file… but i like throwing myself around like a ragdoll with dodge reflex, not sure.

defense isnt countered by ap, resistance and ap counter each other ap lowers the amount of damage reduction when you use certain moves or blocking so it just entirely relies on if you guy you are fighting has resistance (naturally some defense stuff ap would counter because it gives resistance as well as defense)

Pretty sure ap gives a dmg boost agaisnt people with more defense

maybe maybe not (im not too sure I got the info from a youtube vide) but the main use of it is to bypass resistence and defense got completely gutted + AO is a laggy mess so alot of people simply dont block so if you invest it into regeneration as well as probably attack speed and agility just dodge attacks rather than block and then the ap stat becomes completely useless (vetex please just remove the new stats an make regen scale only on your level its so weird and gimmicky)

Agility also got gutted and regen is straight up bugged rn

when its not bugged so just get attack speed to reduce endlag and become touhou player (dont need to worry about new stat if you completely remove its use)


as a warrior player (disgusting, i know) youre better off speccing power + aoe or ap + aoe. people for some reason still go ridiculous amounts of defense even though ap completely killed that stat.

attack speed for all you care is completely useless. you either go all out or you go almost none of it, at least agility needs to be respected a very tiny bit. i’ve seen people obliterate some really sweaty builds while playing slowmo with triple dense weapon aoe builds with zero attack speed.