10 Million Galleon Bounty: turbopoopdog

This is not a joke

I have been grinding crates for weeks to get this much money, and all I want is turbopoopdog dead

I am offering 10 Million Galleons for someone to kill turbopoopdog, with proof of the death message


what did turbopoopdog do :fearful:

Send pics

Turbopoopdog, that bastard… I’ll never forgive him for what he’s done.

I’m putting my headless up as a bounty for him.

WHAT DID HE DO :fearful:

Proof of finances

This is 200 slots’ worth of max money. This is definitely a joke.

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but what if it wasn’t

But… what if it wasn’t?

plot twist he is turbopoopdog and he is just looking for a fight cos he couldn’t find anyone to fight

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putting up 3 sets of calvus gear on him
hes an ASS

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give pics

ill throw in 87 sunken sets, we need this guy gone

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putting up 5 old boots and tin cans, we oughta get this menace outta here

found this turbopoopdog guy. 100 dollars paypal to whoever kills this guy.

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I have like 8 kidneys I’m willing to put up for this (do not ask me where I got them)

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