100% Air Capacity Is Broken

So a few weeks back I posted about having 80% air capacity and giving you about 3 minutes and 40 sec of holding your breath underwater before you take damage and speculated that 100% will merely just be 4 minutes and 20 seconds or something, but I didnt expect this…

Basically the unofficial diving suit build, gonna have a lot of fun with this

Also please vetex dont nerf this shit man, I wanna live underwater


My build already has 49% water breathing
Time to convert.
Edit: after actually watching the video, lmao

new runner/explorer build agility/water breathing

maybe mimihere island is at the bottom of the sea

you should try exploring bottom of the sea i think vetex mightve added some easter eggs xd

only mostly obsoletes waterbreathing potions

Highly doubt it

Fr but there’s a low chance that vetex would nerf it ngl

Auric seaweed is already easy enough to farm so pretty much anyone can drink tier 5 water breathing for a really really long time

try it still lol

Ok now go to Atlantis, located in The Depths

video wont load :sob:

the hell bro

how do you even jewelcraft? im an idiot and dont know how

Approach a crafting table that can be found on some islands, hold a gem and press E to add it, then hold a craftable reagent (I think only about 10 reagents are currently usable in jewelcrafting) and press E to add 5 of them.

wait don’t tell me that the way the percentage works isn’t that it increases your actual air capacity by the percent but instead reduces how quickly air capacity lowers by the percent.

meaning that if your air capacity bonus is 100%, air loss is reduced by 100%, meaning you can breathe underwater literally forever.


me OMW to make a full diving gear build and never make water breathing potions again:

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bro is ready to explore the abyss

nah there’s absolutely nothing on the seafloor, just a flat sheet

have you looked

not an entire server but yes, it’s just a flat sheet

that’s why I’ve been going for it this whole time!!!

drink a water breathing ocean

gain air underwater