12:00 Questions

  1. Favorite food/drink?
  2. If you had the chance, what movie would you see again?
  3. Summer or Autumn?
  4. Animals with or without the mega floof?(Fluff.)
  5. Name 4 best animes.
  1. Yes
  2. Hmm not sure
  3. Autumn
  4. With
  5. Not sure
  1. burgers
  2. ready player one
  3. autumn
  4. without floof
  5. your lie in april, haikyuu, kill la kill, ping pong the animation
  1. pizza/fanta
  2. I don’t really like movies
  3. autumn, summer is too hot
  4. I don’t like too much floof but a little floof is okay
  5. made in abyss, attack on titan, code:geass

Yesss Your Lie in April was I think my first one I’ve seen. Suggested by my friend so it’s special for me.

good for you!

  1. Chicken and apple juice
  2. Swallow
  3. 100% Autumn
  4. Both is ok =D they’re cute either way!
  5. Steins Gate, Code Geass, Land of the Lustrous and the Monogatari series
  1. Garlic fingers (garlic pizza thing)/Orange soda
  2. Probably Find Nemo, it’s probably the movie I watched the most as a kid
  3. Summer since Autumn is pretty cold here
  4. Without
  5. :gun:

1 - y e s
2. idk
3. summer
4. dogs.
5. i dont watch anime.

  1. Homemade ChickenMc Nuggets
  2. I don’t really do movies
  3. Autumn
  4. With floof
  5. I Haven’t watched any anime other than JoJos Bizarre Adventure so I’ll just say that.
  1. I dont really have one i like fruit though… probably lychee
  2. Dont really watch movies
  3. Autumn summer is just… a lot of ac and its hot everyday without one
  4. are you kidding? always with floof
  5. i mean… i just watch anything i suck at judging things assassination classroom because it makes me cry like Up ;-; idk why it just does

Oh hey somebody who also likes lychees

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: O someone else i can relate to pog

  1. Chicken lo mein, just water (Sprite is my other pick)
  2. Spider verse
  3. Early summer’s the best thing (although I prefer Autumn aesthetically)
  4. I love floofy kitties, but snakes are so cute
  5. Parasyte: the Maxim, Death Note, Kill La Kill, Attack on Titan (very normi, yes, but I enjoy them nonetheless)

Drink-Iced Chocolate

2)A Silent Voice


4)With ofc

5)I want to eat your pancreas/Your lie in April/Violet Evergarden/Attack on Titan

  1. Muffins & Coffee
  2. Dunno i honestly don’t watch movies very often
  3. Autumn [ Summer heat can go kiss my a… ]
  4. With, the more fluff the better
  5. Hunter X Hunter, My Hero Academia, Konosuba and Re: Zero

For those looking for anime to watch

Fried rice
Catch me if you can

  1. Fettucine Alfredo that @squonke gives to me
  2. Weathering with You
  3. Autumn, summer is too hot
  4. Both
  5. Angels of Death, Violet Evergarden, Love Live (Franchise), Your Lie in April
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  1. Bacon and eggs/water
  2. Definitely Spider-verse
  3. Autumn, desert summers are hell (better than humidity though)
  4. Tough to say, floof is great until there’s fur everywhere
  5. My brain cell isn’t able to choose, but mob psycho 100 is definitely a good one
  1. pasta
  2. what
  3. autumn
  4. sometimes with sometimes out, depends on how much leftover fluff i have to deal with
  5. uh