1B lions vs one of every Pokémon

i’ve come back here to say:

a couple of mice can now solo the billion lions

Texans Stomp

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population bomb :rofl:

can we just all realize for a second that there’s this pokemon called kyogre who in primal form can flood the entire fucking planet??

or groudon which does the same in primal form but instead of water it’s magma

Population bomb goated attack

Base Kyogre is enough my guy. Don’t need excessive firepower now.

If we went by pokedex entries lions would lose instantly

Didn’t Cyrus plan to wipe the entire planet using Dialga and Palkia? That would surely kill the lions while the flying pokemon such as rayquaza just go off of it and live. This is, of course, with human interference, but could it happen naturally?
I don’t know anything about this, I’m just bringing it up lol

tbf, palkia could technically just seal all the lions in a pocket universe and have dialaga stop time within it, then get someone like heatran or smth to bomb it

or rayquaza speedblitzes

(or, yknow’, buzzwole could just beat the shit out of em’)

arceus OMNIstomps for obvious reasons

groudon could pull a reverse kyogre (flood the field with lava)

pokemon are cracked dude


kartana can just cut through all of the lions

the imagery :skull:

celesteela taking off would probably just get rid of most of the lions by itself

Here, 1 billion lions is definitely quite the threat to anyone, but what about Pokemon? There’s an obvious winner here, as lions simply can’t stand against the sheer power of every single Pokemon ever.

For example, Arceus. Arceus is Pokemon jesus and has quite the interesting lore to him. According to various sources about Pokemon lore, Arceus is not what you see him as in video games. It has been said that Arceus is a giant, massive deity, with each Arceus from a different cartridge of a game containing Arceus, which there are quite a lot, but to keep it simple, let’s only count Diamond/Pearl, Platinum, Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl, and Legends: Arceus.

Diamond and Pearl copies sold: 17.67 million copies.
Platinum: 7.6 million copies.
BDSP: 14.65 million copies.
Legends Arceus: 12.64 million copies.

This means that there are at least 52.56 million parts of Arceus, that if they were all to fuse together, it would create Arceus’ true form, which is a vastly scaled up version of the Arceus compared to that you see in the Pokemon franchise. This is likely bigger then the universe, and 1 billion lions is just on teeny little Earth, meaning Arceus easily could kill all 1 billion lions with the swipe of his arms, or legs.

Not even that, you don’t even need legendaries like Dialga and Palkia, or mythicals like Mew and Victini. Even basic pokemon like Machamp could easily plow through the lions. He might not beat all 1 billion lions, but he for sure tramples through a large majority of them. And that’s only 1 out of over a thousand Pokemon, thanks to the latest release Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, introducing enough pokemon to surpass 1,000.

The 1 billion lions vs all Pokemon debate is quite silly, as the answer is clear and obvious that the Pokemon could easily shrug off the lions. You could even pit only 50 Pokemon against the 1 billion lions and the Pokemon could still win, without legendaries. Just have insanely powerful Pokemon like Tyranitar, Salamence, Garchomp, and similarly strong Pokemon into the ring.

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honestly wish arceus looked more like its beta design considering his lore

machamp was once stated by the pokedex to be capable of pushing mountains iirc

friendly reminder that metagross’s pre-evolution, metang can come out of a FUCKING plane crash without a single scratch

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