1B lions vs one of every Pokémon

Ok there’s an obvious winner but I want to know your guys opinion here

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Give me a level 1 Rattata and I’ll make those lions my bitch


kyogre just floods the earth and now what

Just shoot Yveltel with an artillery shell. The fucken lions won’t know what hit 'em.

Neither will the other pokemon, but hey! That’s war.

welcome to hell

Machamps punches are realitves to nukes. And he can punch 500 times in one second. That’s all U need

Gardevoire can literally summon black holes from thin air.

Yes also that

Entei coughs and causes a volcano apocalypse.

pokemon easily.

  • All Pocket Monsters
  • A billion cats with large beards

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i hate myself for knowing knowledge of this

the ez

this also includes legendary pokemon
arceus is the franchise canon god and giratina is the canon satan
kyogre can just flood the earth which is basically a nuclear explosion vs 1b lions, wait literally every legendary can also cause a world-end scenario assuming they don’t die first
literally any dynamax can use a move which can encompass half of a stadium

one pokemon; shedinja, who’s ability makes them invincible against non-super effective moves, is not weak to normal type, probably the only damage type a lion can possess without usage of weaponry or terrain, and even if the lions carried the bubonic plague, shedinja isn’t even weak to poison anyways

pretty unfair comparison

or any ghost type for that matter
i like to imagine the gengar evolution line would just troll the lions like they did with ash in the anime


I Feel Alone Here.

3 magcargos should do the job

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ooh what about this?

all pokemon + digimon + loomians


3 billion lions and 3 billion gundam mechs

Magcargo releases thermal energy that reaches temperatures equivalent to the surface of the sun. Magcargo solos.

As a side note, we can also tell that Professor Oak is actually an immortal being as well.