1v1ing for Gear/Items DM me, Night Time#8586

I’ll 1v1 anyone for items, best of 1, best of 3, your call.

This seems illegal ngl

Lol it ain’t

anybody with 2 or more brain-cells isn’t going to fight you, and if they do they wont give you items anyway lol

  1. Why wouldn’t they fight me? 2. 95% of the people actually go through and give me items if they lose.
  1. who wants to lose items that can legit spend like 9 hours to get
  2. those people are ooga ape brain

You’re telling me you’d decline a Strong oathkeeper for all of your arrows bet?

well considering its from you, yes, yes i would

plus you probably arent willing to give strong oathkeepers anyway

If I lost I would. Keyword, lost.