(2) Compensation for Boss Items

Hello, it’s me DoubleRun the trader.

As you may have heard, the current boss items will be removed and a compensation will replace them.

This may strike fear into many of you (me), since Vetex may not know of the trade value’s for some items, and undermine their importance. Luckily, he is still in need of ideas.

This post will be 1 out of 3 total ideas that I have for possible compensations that can be added.


Add series of items called ‘Ancient Artefacts’. These items will be classified as Seasonals (or maybe even their own rarity, because TGR will be a major event) and increase in value over time.

Their starting values will be 500-1000 Crowns, and there will be different artefacts for each of the boss items (e.g Oathkeeper > ‘Broken Blade’). For enchanted boss items, there could be an adjective coming before them such as “Glowing”.

Otherwise, they could just use the current enchant names like Strong, Hard, etc. I suggest there also be variety between each enchant, such that Strong is worth higher than Hard (for weapons) to better reflect the trade value. These items will not be enchantable though, and will act as Seasonals otherwise.

The most straightforward solution - adding a cool ‘collectible item’ as compensation.

Let me know what you guys think! Make sure to upvote this if you agree!

i would but I’m out of votes

maybe vetex could compensate with exclusive magic weapons?

hmm I think a special item could do but the value would need to be worth much and I think this item should have a special look from normal common items. another thing make it useful in someway, maybe like a taunt or emote or a melee sword? I do like your ideas above.

voted. preserving enchantment value is essential since it completely changes the worth of the item

All enchants on weapons are now viable, so the trade value shouldn’t really matter.

Why did you make duplicates

OR just keep the weapons and nerf them to the point of being unusable, make them event items and keep them as a trophy for all players who played before AO.

TL;DR keep the weapons and make them a gimmick and a trophy.

thank you for coming to my ted talk

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