2 day since patch notes ,what you think vetex is doing for the next patch?

I mean , I wonder if he are doing finaly! awakening , will take a time to do it , and you? , what is vetex are doing for you? , the new area islands? , dark sea? , tell me anything.

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why did you make two posts of the same exact thing within 5 min

Because One I want to know what people think Vetex is doing because it could be something big or just a vacation
the other one was just worried if i didn’t know something happened for the patches to stop

have you tried fucking waiting

also what does the second one have to do with reposting within 5 min

Calm down dude it’s just a post, no big deal


Water’s coming off a little defensive right now


Bro man, that is only one random post, it seems that you got angry with 2 posts of different subject.

AGAIN The first and only for ME to INFORM myself if something happened

this one from now and to know what YOU think he’s doing.

Get it now?

A lot of people ask about updates on the game or its release date on the daily. It usually doesn’t end well.

I don’t get what’s even wrong here though, just a little wonder, right? I don’t know what they’re mad about, so don’t worry about it too much.

He honestly deserves a 3 day break from working for that long

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he’s waiting for trello lurking boogeymen like yourself to stop staring at patch notes, keyboards ready to upload new patch notes to a forum topic to get 40 likes (they arent that big of a deal)


Playing Minecraft

you are like the only person at the forum who don’t look the trello?.

oh how we have fallen

i dont know because im tired and gonna sleep right now

you are referring to me

I mean when you consider the fact that vetex is working on the game like 12 hours per day (and I mean every day of the week) I’d understand why patch notes hasn’t been updated in a while

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He’s probably just taking a break for game development or taking some time to think about features of the game. Everyone deserves a break once in a while, which is probably what he’s doing. If he is in fact working on the game still, he may just be working on things that he doesn’t want to uncover in the trello

hes literally playing minecraft with the gang
quite a laggy server tho ive got to say

Wow very cool!