3 Arenas in AO that are better than munera garden

Hello there! Today I’m gonna be showing you all 3 islands that work SIGINIFICANTLY better as an arena than munera garden.

  1. The Southern Jaws

Now hear me out for a moment, I know SOME of you are gonna say “THE SOUTHERN JAWS HAS TOO MANY PILLARS AND THEYRE ALL SO HARD TO LAND ON” until you realize they aren’t and unless you used all of your mobility moves you are never gonna fall, and even if you do, I GUARANTEE you still have enough stamina to climb your ass back up.

  1. Mount Othrys
    The Criminal Arena. It’s in second place primarily due to the fact that the way you get here is tedious and boring. You have to go through a giant cave of darkness, and good luck venturing normally, because not even your torch is gonna work there. Once you make it out though, you’re at objectively the best arena in the entire game.
    Atmosphere, miles upon miles of land, and the entire bronze sea to look at from the distance.

Easily worth the venture

Now we go to our #1 arena. The magnum opus, the arena to end all arenas, the land that you’ll be able to find level 1000s having all out wars at.

  1. The Pelion Rift

This is unfortunately undebatably the best arena in the game for several reasons.

  1. Farthest away from everything else, giving you a near certain chance of having an uninterrupted fighting session of your choice

  2. Between the other 3 areas, easily the easiest to access.

  3. The longest area in the game, also extremely wide.

  4. The best part of it all, NOTHING IS BREAKABLE, meaning no matter what build you run, no matter how much you smash the ground, no matter what moves you use. The only thing breaking is you and your opponent

Do note I’m only saying “better” in this case as in “safer for criminals” I wouldn’t really consider the southern jaws better than munera in general.


A generic ketch is still a better arena because it’s more realistic. Large open spaces make up a minority of the map

The size of attacks in question

Ravenna Greatsword Tempest

Berserker Sailor and Iron leg crash

Mage ultimate explosion

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Just punish those attacks

YOU punish those attacks.



he is leg.

reject iron leg. become leg.

Just fight on the air, fly so easy

ice magic platform sweeps

capping harvest and getting random clanners to fight me on the island solos

i hate fighting at harvest

have you considered


Why climb Mount othrys when you can climb Pelion rift :sunglasses:

good idea

im gonna try that

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