-3K HP sailcloth

Screenshot 2024-07-07 121309
What if you put it on a unarmored sailboat? :thinking:

Update: got the sailcloth from the guy and its true chat

Well then do it, put it on a sailboat

Its not mine

Create it

the minimum hp a boat can have is 100 so itll have 100 health


Imagine someone pulls up to you in a ketch and you hit them with one cannonball and it sinks

your sailboat survives with negative hp and now heals from cannonballs

I put this on a ketch on an secondary file, the lowest you can go is 100 hp, however it makes it almost free to repair your ship

does the 100 health make it so it’s always at full health whenever you respawn it after sinking?
if so, it’s actually a pretty great ‘despawn ship’ button

it sounds kind of convenient having a speedy 100 hp ketch or caravel on a fresh file
i avoid buying brigs on my other files because the cost to repair is way too much for a high hp ship

Congratulations, you are now the captain of a shipwreck! I hope you’re very proud!

I think so? I can’t remember, even then it would just be like 10 galleons and like 2 hammer wacks

However if you ever dare to go over rough waters it’s over for you

Promoted to submarine

wait youre telling me people dont use this?