4th Deckhand's Profession?

Currently I have three deckhands done: Navigator, Cannoneer, and Shipbuilder. That leaves the question of what my fourth deckhand’s profession should be.
Enchanter seems the most useful, with the damage reduction, though I don’t know how long that duration for it is.
Chef is just a convenient thing, as it cooks the fish, but I really don’t know if that’s worth a slot.
And merchant, well… it doesn’t seem all too useful, honestly.

What should I pick?
  • Chef
  • Merchant
  • Enchanter
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At higher tiers, chefs spam seasonings on the fish to make the recovery status effect last a year and a half.

You’re usually getting between 6 and 30 minutes of recovery 2 or 3 per fish, which you may notice is probably longer than its gonna take for them to catch another.

Its either Chef or Enchanter, depends on what problem you run into more:
Go for chef if you’re dying in normal combat in the dark seas.
Go for enchanter if you’re dying because your ship sinks in the dark seas (shipbuilder is better).

enchanter is ass i dont ever to think to use the ability before i get mauled by cannons its better to focus on steering the ship out of the way

You might consider merchant now with this new patch

wait, like a FULL year and 6 months?
cause there is no reason for that dude

no lol, I was exaggerating.
Usually around 30 minutes buff, but going upwards of 2 hours, which is honestly incredibly good considering it is a 1 ingredient cost meal.

NPC ship spamming exploding shells:

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Vetex just made merchants garbage again by making them only sell common/uncommon

Where does it say that?


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