51% Ladies and Gentlemen


And If someone can tell me what got deleted that would be greatly appreciated.

except tgr aint 51% done


pretty sure it’s like 20% at most.

What do you mean doe?

We hit the big milestone (or vetex did more accurately)

Again, as Inferno said, the bulk of TGR has barely been completed.
Scroll down through the entire list and look how much work is left, some things take longer than others.

The rest of the stuff takes MUCH longer to do than what he’s already done.

Oh your talking about time wise. I would just talking about statistical numbers. This will probably be finished next year.

and theres a ton of stuff that isnt even in the list

Not even counting all the stuff that has yet to be added to the list

You know how magic rework has hilariously massive compared to the other stuff? Yeah this isn’t gonna be the last time we see that.

Putting all bets a huge amount of the update will be spent on lost spells

He could release the game right now and it would still be better than WoM…

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