740 THOUSAND dislikes

live action little mermaid got bombed with dislikes because they race swapped ariel
fucking hilarious, this was dropped yesterday and its already approaching 1 million dislikes


wait how can you see dislikes?
funny though


They got ratio’d hard in 1 day :skull:

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oh interesting

While I was scrolling after watching it I found this

What da fuck is going on :sob:

this is only from people who have the extension, imagine how many more people disliked without the extension


its a factual comment,

LMAO WHAT?, that cant be right

the extension used to work by getting the dislike data from the youtube api, but youtube shut that down in december of 2021, so it works now by adding every dislike that someone with the extension makes to their own database
meaning this probably isn’t even close to the actual amount of dislikes :rofl:


holy fuck

Get ratio’d @Disney

holy shit I guarentee you this movie like every single adaptation of the little mermaid will end with her either:
regaining her voice and returning to the seas


she gets with him in the end, even though in the original story he and she do not in fact become a couple and she dies on a stone in sheer depression having lost her voice without getting what she wanted out of it

100%, the story is gonna get fucked up

honestly, half the shit disney is known for that’s based off a story got sanitized a fuck ton, so many of these “children’s” stories were fucking grim, because they were intended for adults

for example, in one of the stories of cinderella, her sisters get their fucking eyes plucked out by birds I think after the event

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and I’m pretty sure in the Vietnamese version of the story her sisters get chopped to bits, mixed into jars of rice, sent to her stepmother, who enjoyed it until she saw the skeletons of her daughters at the bottom and died of shock

the brothers Grimm were called that because of just how grim their stories were after all

I swear to god, this is some gamergate-era discourse. “Oh no! A black person! How could Disney do this to me?” 740,450 people need to grow up.

Hollywood after making a ginger character black for the billionth time:

People are mad because it keeps on happening with the ginger characters for whatever reason

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