7431st Bronze Sea Explorer

it has been done… after hundreds of chests… i finally got my sandfall chart


can’t wait to do it all over again when nimbus comes out. unless nimbus pt1 doesn’t include the nimbus explorer badge which would make sense

its funny how it said that youve explored “from the Pelion Rift all the way to Mount Othrys”… even though the Pelion Rift has no exploration task

I suppose you are worthy of calling yourself a pve demon.
Now…would recommend touching grass.

the only thing that holds me back are the ravenna quests that i keep them to get the xp in nimbus sea

just do cargo dude

why would you if treasure charts and anihhilating random ships and extorting their belongings is the better way to go?

From what i remember…both of these methods i mentioned are % based.

why not, cheap easy xp

getting like 20 sealed chests would earn more exp faster, and you don’t even have to accept quests that way (Unless you are going for that one pirate ship quest in ravenna).

still a cheap way to get XP at the start of nimbus sea, u know, join server, claim the quests, do other stuff then

Congrats >:)
You’ve successfully obtained the title of bronze sea explorer… Now it’s time to do more charts, for the nimbus sea and beyond.

which extension adds all these stats about badges?

I like just farming the sink 3 ships quest at ravenna, when i complete it i just go start it again because it’s replayable