A**beater420 but he's a challenger in Friday Night Funkin

Yes, Assbeater 420… what bars will he drop?


I’m scared as to what he’s going to say

“Beep bop bop bape bop I’m gonna whoop yo ass yeah”

the mod we didnt ask for, but the one we secretly needed.

Unfortunately, it’s just an edit. But it would be cool as a mod tho.

Yes, the stage is literally Auto Rap Battles

He’s come to steal ur gorl

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Keith: “Starts to beep boop and bops”

‘‘yeah yeah yeah yeah’’

He’s about to turn that kid to a skeleton with a beating blue balls

so what happens?

yes, I think he beats more stuff than just ass

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Easy, Assbeater420 might either win or lose

Damn he is going to kick blue hairs ass.

Assbeater beats everything