A challenge for you all!

Since WoM may get a little boring,I’ll challenge you all to something simple but spicy.

No magic playthrough,No spells have to be created. The moment you create one,you’ve lost and have to start over again.

Currently in the midst of this and so far I’ve only gotten one starter quest :frcryin:

Oh yeah,share you experiences during this challenge down here.

So far I’ve tried to convince a player to kill a bandit for me and die to that bandit all for the sake of a quest.

You could just use a cultural dagger to do this challenge ez

so you mean weapons only to fight dark wizards/bandits?

Yes he mean that. don’t use magic at all in that play through

Not when pretty much everyone is a novice or apprentice and finding starter wizards is scarce but other then that it’s pretty easy to do so far

So pretty much just full strength route.

chances of finding some old dagger really isnt worth getting lol, i feel like just farming smoke arrows until i have enough for a vistarian dagger or one of the castiallian swords if I ever deicide to switch cultures.