A character/thing from a roblox game is now your weapon/bodyguard, what is it?

okay but what if it’s situational

like you get something that can harm you based on circumstances of the enviroment around you.

or like you get something that’s just kinda weak and not needed in the current moment at all

its not though. you get one open and 50 items from it. There are no defects.

oooh okay that does sound better I guess

I thought you meant like you open it and you get 1 out of 50 possible items

nope. just 50 random items which you can use or not use.

arceus from brick bronze :pray:

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gojo from aba

vetex from vetexgames

imagine just trapping anyone or building a city nearly instantly.

oh shit btools

nothing can stop you now

alfred the man

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jesus what game is that

Pwned 3 Aternae Memori
really cool game, if you have free time give it a look :+1:


on second thought, a lag machine from plane crazy has the power to destroy a server completely

technically each roblox server is it’s own universe


my F9 server-sided console

or Aether Overdrive, one of my scripted characters/kits