A collection of small suggestions related to the new info dump

A collection of small suggestions related to the new info dump https://forum.arcaneodyssey.dev/uploads/default/original/3X/e/e/ee488c391813825689efbf95ddc6240b50bc4369.png
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Vetex just added a bunch of stuff to the trello relating to TGR. It was all really great stuff. I have a few small suggestions about some of the stuff he added.

Vetex added a bunch of new enchantments. These include Forbidden, which gives a large buff but insanity, and Cursed, which gives a large buff but drawback. I think these should be switched. When I think of the word “Forbidden,” I think of something that cannot be used without being punished or hurt. When I think of an item that makes you insane, I think of that item as being Cursed. Thus, I think Forbidden should give drawback and Cursed should give insanity.

Vetex also added 2 enchantments which he hasn’t decided the name for yet. These are ???, which gives +34% power and ???, which gives +40% power and 20% drawback. I think the enchantment that gives +34% power should be named “Potent.” The enchantment that gives +40% power and +20% drawback should be named “Volatile.”

I think the build system is great, but I don’t like the name “Prodigy” for the last build. When I hear “Prodigy,” I think of an 8-year-old kid that can do precalculus, not a wizard-soldier. I don’t really know what to replace it with at this time, but someone is bound to come up with a better name in the replies.

Wizard is a good name for an all-magic build. However, every player is technically a wizard. It is kind of confusing when the wizard who is a berserker walks to the wizard who is a wizard. I think it should be renamed to “Mage” or “Sorcerer.”

(There previously was something here about the dark sea but no one liked it so I removed it)

I think the bounty hunter profession should give you a higher percentage of the player’s bounty upon catching a criminal.

A new ship should be added called the “Freighter.” It would be extremely large and slow, but have no cannon slots. It would hold more cargo or sealed chests than any other ship in the game. In order to get around without getting attacked, it would need the backup of some separate ship.

I think it would be interesting if there was a book that was written in the Promethean Language / Ancient Language.

Last and most likely least, delete this:

Grammarly why?

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i think “prodigy” could be renamed to “soldier”, as the class is someone who specializes in all forms of combat.

The bounty hunter profession could potentially have the ability to find bounty targets more easily, like magic sense giving an indicator or telling who a target is when nearby.

bruh it literally says it won’t be the same as AA

I still don’t like any attack that takes more than 2 seconds to charge.

I’m fine with either but anyway

Great names

Well I can’t really criticize that one if it’s not suggesting a name. Keeping prodigy would be alright too but I’m open to better names.

…I mean the name suggestions are good but the whole point of a build name is helping associate a build to what stats it includes. I don’t think anyone is going to assume wizard is focused on anything other than magic so it does the job well. Any of these names works I guess.

If something like that gets added, it should be linked to your level or power level so that the whole feature doesn’t revolve around defense.

I don’t have much to say about that one other than I honestly don’t want this to become a profession

I get the idea, but AO doesn’t seem like the kind of game where you are incentivized to team.
Even then, the escort ships probably won’t be able to do much. Just aim for the big, slow boat. The best the escort can do is try to destroy the pirates before they sink the Freighter, but it’s not like if they can really block hits and the Freighter won’t be able to dodge obviously.
…Probably oversimplifying this but anyway.

Yeah sure I guess. No idea if they had books at the time however, since visibly the only remaining things with the ancient language are extremely old statues and magic circles.

And mimhere already answered the last one

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I dislike the entire concept of impact fist.
At the very least rename it so I can actually forget about seeing it in AA and the remakes.

All of the other renaming stuff is good in my opinion.
Bounty hunter is a profession that should not exist because its basically a not-guild AG that only excessively toxic players will choose.

Vetex just said Impact Fist will be nerfed indirectly, it will not be the same as Arcane and will not be abusable. And if it works differently, I just hope you can release the charged attack by holding and not by charging a million punches, but this way it should be nerfed.

Before I start. Doing group suggestions never is a good Idea. You should make more suggestions so people can vote separately. Alright, with that out of the way imma start:

I think he should keep it the way it is. If something is cursed not everything in that curse will help you. Some things may go against you. Same for Forbidden. Something forbidden mostly means you shoulndt use it. Things like mustard gas are forbidden in war bc they are too “powerful” in a sense. (couldnt think og a better exaple) If you use something forbidden it might make u insane so it should be kept the way it is.

Sure, I like it.

Basic… Nah, just joking :eyes: Maybe Jack of All Trades? Or something shorter

I agree

Nah, But something to deter low levels definitely.

I’d say remove the profession entirely. Not worth it. People hunt people regardless.

Not everyone has a friend to help them sail so no. It’s slow and it can’t defend itself. Basically a sitting duck.

Yes, other uses for the Ancient language tome

Why? What’s wrong with it. Seems like a good idea to me.

What is so bad about Impact Fist? Seems like a good name to me.

The difficulty probably is already enough to deter low levels, so that part of mine isn’t necessary anyway.

If they don’t have a team/clan to help them, they can instead use a ship with weapons. The weaponless Freighter is meant to give incentive to players that team.

it terrifies me

The name “Impact Fist” is literally only tied to negative emotions to me.

Anybody who was spammed by it by the AG in AA or any of the remakes understand exactly why.

seems like just a pain in the ass
sure the dark sea should be difficult, but difficult because of what’d be inside of it not just existing there

The Dark Sea damage thing was not a good idea to start with so I removed it from the list.

i actually have a suggestion cooking up for this, since it apparently says he’s not sure how it would charge yet

an idea to potentially not make it fucking suck like last time

Can someone please explain to me the hate for impact fist?

its really unbalanced
you charge up an attack for like 5 minutes
and then when you release it it does massive damage


you could basically oneshot people just by charging for a bit, twas a bit annoying