A Complete Guide to PvP


Hey everyone, I’ve spent some time to write a full guide on World of Magic PvP. It will contain information and tips regarding everything PvP.

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A Complete Guide to PvP

By DoubleRun

About the Guide

Hello forum community! This is a complete guide to PvP for players at all levels. This post will aim to help newer and beginner players understand the basic functionality of World of Magic PvP, and give useful tips to improve. I will try to outline all aspects of the game regarding PvP. If you believe I should change or add something, feel free to reply below.

I will be sourcing information from Meta’s Magic and Status Effect guide, as well as the official game Trello. Anyone will be free to contribute ideas to this post, and I’ll make sure to credit you if you do. For now, most information is just from my extensive PvP experience, as well as what I think is logical. I will not be discussing anything that is not currently in the game, other than confirmed 2nd and 3rd magic combinations. Also, some information I have simply re-organised or presented in a different way that suites PvP compared to what Meta has said.

✔️ Disclaimer

PvP is a controversial topic. I understand that I’m not the best player in the world, and there are definitely others who are more skilled than me. However, I do believe that what I say is at least logically and theoretically correct. Please don’t trash talk this topic just because you may not agree to me, or have a grudge against me. I’m open to suggestions.

Although I have said that some magics are better than others for PvP, this doesn’t mean it’s impossible to PvP with. PvP is reliant on skill. You can still win if you have a bad magic for PvP, it’s just that it’ll be harder.

I’ll be assuming you’re fighting at Ancient Coliseum or Abandoned Arena most of the time, or in a generally medium sized area.




✔️ Magic Clash Rankings

Clashing is a extremely important part of PvP. If your magic has a better clash rate than your opponents, your spells will overpower their spells when they collide. This can be used both offensively and defensively. A self explosion would be able to block any incoming attacks if you have a positive clash. If your opponent has a better clash than you, you would try not to have head on collisions with blast spells, and stay a moderate distance away from them.

This section will outline a Magic’s clash effectiveness against other magics. Although Meta has already mentioned average clash multiplier, I have calculated it a different way. Instead of looking at the average, I determined how good a magic is at winning. Either it loses, wins, or is neutral. This is actually the correct way to look at magic clashing as of now.

For example, let’s say Magic A has a clash rate of 0.8x against all magics, so it’s average clash rate is 0.8x However, there may be Magic B, who has a clash advantage of 1.7x against half the magics, and a disadvantage of 0.2x against the other half of the magics. Both magics have a clash average of 0.8x. Which is better, would you say? The answer would be Magic B. You would rather win by a significant amount and lose by a significant amount, rather than lose all the time by a moderate amount.

I have ranked all the Magics below by how good they are at winning a clash. A Magic will get +2 points for every positive clash, +0 points for a negative clash, and +1 point for a neutral clash. So the points are out of 46, since there are 23 Magics. You may notice some different rankings compared to what Meta said.

42 - Gold
40 - Iron
35 - Magma
35 - Earth
34 - Crystal
32 - Explosion
26 - Acid
25 - Lightning
23 - Wood
22 - Ink
22 - Plasma
22 - Glass
21 - Ice
18 - Water
16 - Wind
15 - Fire
15 - Shadow
14 - Sand
13 - Snow
12 - Ash
8 - Poison
8 - Light
3 - Paper

✔️ Relevant PvP Magics

As you may know there are a total of 23 starter magics to choose from. Although all magics are intended to be eventually equal in usefulness and strength, there are some magics which serve to support other magics, i.e they utilise synergies from other magics. Since we do not have access to 2nd, 3rd, Lost and Primordial magics, which all have synergies, some magics are better used by themselves. These magics are what is called ‘meta’ magics. Since there are no synergies, magics that have good individual stats are good for PvP. Factors of this include Damage, DoT, Speed, Clash and Bleed synergy. Since weapons apply bleed, magics with bleed synergy can work well if you use weapons in battle.

Good Magics in PvP:

Plasma - extremely well rounded
Fire - well rounded with focus on damage
Glass - well rounded with focus on DoT
Poison - best for DoT, high damaging
Light - fastest magic, and blinds
Shadow - slower but more damaging version of light
Acid - extremely well rounded.
Paper - focus on speed and damage

Average Magics in PvP:

Explosion - below average stats but good clash
Water - good for countering heat magics
Gold - best clash but severely lacks in speed
Magma - heavy hitting with DoT but lacks in speed
Ice - best bleed synergy
Wood - second best bleed synergy.
Wind - only just fast (knockback sometimes useful)
Lightning - average of light and shadow

Bad Magics in PvP:

Snow - below average stats
Ink - below average stats
Sand - below average stats
Iron - worse version of gold
Ash - worse version of poison
Crystal - below average stats, but good clash
Earth - below average stats, but big

✔️ Magic Speeds

Magic speeds are another important aspect of PvP. A faster magic means faster flight speed and faster placed and self explosion cast times, as well as slightly faster beam speed. Having a slower speed will mean you need stick closer to your enemy when fighting, otherwise your blasts may not reach them in time while they’re stunned. Having a slower magic also means that placed explosions will be less viable in fights. Here are the speeds of magics simplified:


  • Light (1.7x)
  • Lightning (1.5x)
  • Paper (1.4x)
  • Wind (1.4x)
  • Shadow (1.4x)


  • Plasma (1.1x)
  • Fire (1.0x)
  • Poison (1.0x)
  • Glass (1.0x)
  • Acid (1.0x)
  • Water (1.0x)
  • Ink (1.0x)
  • Sand (1.0x)
  • Snow (0.9x)
  • Explosion (0.9x)
  • Ash (0.9x)


  • Ice (0.8x)
  • Wood (0.7x)
  • Crystal (0.7x)
  • Earth (0.6x)
  • Magma (0.6x)
  • Iron (0.5x)
  • Gold (0.4x)
✔️ AoE and DoT


Scorched - deals 50% of damage dealt in 5 seconds.
- applied by Plasma magic.

Burning - deals 50% of damage dealt in 5 seconds.
- applied by Fire magic.

Melting - deals 50% of damage dealt in 10 seconds.
- applied by Acid and Magma magic.

Poisoned - deals 100% of damage dealt in 20 seconds.
- applied by Poison magic

Bleeding - deals 25% of damage dealt in 5 seconds.
- applied best by Paper, Glass, Gold, Iron
- stackable

From looking at the list above, the Scorched and Burning status effects are the most effective, although bleeding can stack. The poisoned status effect is good for long battles.

Some magics can also leave lasting AoE debris from an attack. These are very useful for getting cheap hits in and for area denial. These are affected by the size of the attack.


Poison - leaves big puffy clouds upon contact which can expand.
Ash - leaves big puffy clouds upon contact which can expand.

Magma - leaves puddles of magma that slowly drips from a blast attack. Explosions leave a big puddle.

Acid - leaves puddles of acid that drips at a faster rate but smaller from a blast attack compared to magma.
Explosions leave a big puddle.

Glass - leaves glass panes/shards upon contact.

Ash and Poison are the better magics for AoE.


  • [40%] Ice + remove
  • [30%] Wood
  • [25%] Earth, Poison
  • [25%] Acid + remove
  • [20%] Plasma, Magma (Planned to be nerfed) + remove
  • [15%] Ink
  • [10%] Water, Lightning, Explosion
  • [10%] Fire + remove
✔️ Magic Damage

Magic damage is probably the most complicated part of magics. A magics base damage multiplier is how much damage it does, and depending on the magic, it will also have a status effect that deals damage and a lasting AoE effect which deals damage. Uses of damage in battle is self explanatory. The more damage, the quicker you can kill your opponent. A weaker magic would mean you can’t rely on damage trading to win a fight. Here’s the formula for calculating spell damage:

Damage = (19 + Level + Power) * MagicMultiplier * SpellMultiplier * ChargeMultiplier * InteractionMultiplier

Currently, DoT status effect damage is also inclusive of your Power stat, which makes DoT magics do way more damage than they’re supposed to. Because of this, magics with DoT like Fire and Plasma deal the most efficient damage. For example, a Fire user with enough power may deal more or close to the damage of a Gold user with the same power, due to the DoT multiplying the Power stat. I have included factors such as DoT and lasting AOE (from the next section) into account when talking about total magic damage.


  • Poison
  • Gold (1.50x)
  • Magma (1.3875x)
  • Iron (1.375x)
  • Acid (1.35x)
  • Ash (0.85) + lasting AoE
  • Fire (1.2375x)
  • Plasma (1.1625x)


  • Paper (1.125x)
  • Glass (1.125x)
  • Earth (1.00x)
  • Crystal (0.975x)
  • Sand (0.975x)
  • Water (0.95x)
  • Wood (0.95x)
  • Shadow (0.95x)


  • Ink (0.925x)
  • Ice (0.925x)
  • Wind (0.925x)
  • Snow (0.925x)
  • Explosion (0.925x)
  • Lightning (0.85x)
  • Light (0.825x)
✔️ Status Effect Removal

In the game, there are a total of 17 status effects. Status effects serve as both damaging components, as well as to synergise with other magics by decreasing or increasing the damage of a spell while the player has a status effect. These have varying interactions with each other. Due to the fact that we can only have one magic, most of these status synergies are of no use, except for Bleeding, which can be applied by weapons. Some magics can clear a status effect by charging magic energy, as well as through spell attacks. This will server useful in both team fights, as well as countering deadly synergies. E.g Wind users can counter Poison users by clearing the poisoned status effect. Since half of poison’s damage is reliant on its status effect, in a 1v1 situation Wind will most likely win.

Below is a ranking of how many status effects a magic can clear. The more the better. Magics will receive +2 points for clearing a base status effect, and +1 point for clearing Petrified or Frozen. These two aren’t that good because they can be cleared by casting a spell.


12 - Magma
11 - Water
11 - Wind
10 - Explosion
9 - Ink
9 - Plasma
9 - Snow
8 - Fire
8 - Lightning
8 - Ash
6 - Ice
6 - Acid
4 - Sand
1 - Earth
1 - Iron
1 - Gold
0 - Wood, Light, Paper, Poison, Glass, Shadow, Crystal

Points to note:

  • Heat based status effects are cleared by water/cold based magics
  • Water/cold based status effects are cleared by heat based magics
  • Wind clears Poison
  • Bleed can be removed by heat based magics, which is why most heat based magics are meta.
  • Frozen can be cleared by heavy solid magics.


Beginner Advice

Here I will list advice relevant to PvPers at a beginner level.

  • Use T-jumping while fighting
    Gaining height is an extremely important aspect of PvP. When you stay off the ground, people are less likely to land shots on you (since moves stuck as beams have impact AoE), while also enabling you to have a better view of the battle. I recommend always using a T-jump to start off the fight.

  • Using boost moves
    Boost moves can be extremely useful in a fight. You can use a low strength boost move to maintain height in the air, while using a high strength boost move can be used to initially gain height off the ground. This is because a boost move has less cast time than a T-jump, so it can be used to gain height quickly in exchange for magic energy.

For high strength boost moves, I recommend using 70-100% strength. For low strength boost moves, I recommend using a 30-50% strength. When using low strength boost moves, make sure to use it in timed intervals. You don’t to ascend too much nor descend and lose height.

  • Charging while falling
    I recommend to charge your magic while you fall. This utilises the time it takes to fall after staying in the air effectively. As you may know, charging your magic stuns you in place, allowing opponents to easily land hits on you. It only takes a few seconds to fully charge your magic energy, and you’re very hard to hit while you’re falling.

  • Don’t charge for a long time
    Staying still in the game is worst thing you can do in PvP, because its extremely easy to land attacks on you, especially since most attacks have travel time. When charging, always charge for a bit then move a bit, then charge again. You want to be constantly on the move so your opponent doesn’t know where to aim.

  • Charge your magic on top of your pillar (solid magics)
    Due to the fact that you create a solid pillar of your magic if you have a solid type magic, you are able to physically stand your character on top of it until it despawns. Knowing this, you can quickly charge your magic as soon as you cast a boost move to utilise the split second it takes for the pillar to despawn. If you’re using a low strength boost move and have good enough ping, you may even be able to completely gain back the energy lost or even gain additional energy from doing this. If so, you can basically achieve infinite height!

  • Hitting a solid magic user in the air
    As mentioned in the previous tip, you are able to create solid pillars when boosting with a solid magic. This also means you can aim into those pillars too. This provides an excellent counter to people trying to get infinite height in PvP. So, if you have a quick enough reaction time and a fast enough magic, you can aim an AoE attack like a beam or placed explosion onto those pillars, such that the AoE is large enough that it will also hit the player.

  • Blocking an attack
    Blocking is a major part of PvP. Although it may seem sensible to just hold block every time you see an attack coming towards you, blocking should only be used if there are no other possible responses to the incoming attack. Only block if you know an attack will inevitably land on you, ie. when you’ve just casted a spell and you’re stunned. In this case, you should be prepared to block as soon the stun is over by smashing your G key. However in most cases, you might as well just dodge the attack or counter with a clashing blast.

  • Holding an attack
    Jumping in the air and holding out a spell is a cheeky tactic that can be used to achieve a positive damage trade. By holding an attack, you voluntarily stun yourself, so in most cases, your opponent will instinctively attack you. When they do, aim the spell towards them and let your two attacks collide for a positive damage trade. This tactic should only be done if your magic has a better clash rate or higher damage than your enemy’s. You’re also charging up your spell when you hold it, you’ll also have increased damage.

You have three options when holding out a spell:
The first is to hold out a blast spell. They’re the most damaging and will almost always secure you a positive damage trade, however their speed is the only issue. If your opponent knows you’re holding out a blast spell and is smart, they’ll get a far distance away from you and use a quick spell so your travelling blasts don’t reach them. For blasts, I recommend using a double or triple blast with 20-50% size, depending on your clash multiplier against their magic. Due to the weird hitbox system, small blasts may sometimes ignore a clash.

The second option is to hold a beam spell. Due to their long range and speed, its almost always guaranteed that you’ll land it no matter what distance. However, a risk with using beams is that you’ll almost always lose the clash and do less damage. Differently from option one, you should hold out a beam spell if at long range.

The third option is to hold out a placed explosion. This is by far the riskiest option, because they’re the least damaging spell, meaning you’ll have low chances of achieving a positive damage trade. Use this only if: your damage difference is super big (e.g gold vs light), or as a suicide move. What I mean by this is that you’ll know you’ll lose out on damage, but since your opponent is low and will die in one or two shots, you can sacrifice damage to win the match.

  • Standardise your casting animations
    For a completely efficient PvP build, you may want to have the same casting animations for all of your spells. This way, your enemy won’t know which spells you’re using (if they’re smart enough to recognise which type of spell you’re using). This is especially useful when you’re holding out a move, as explained in the tip above.

  • Standardise your spell names
    If your opponent knows you well enough, they will look at the name of the spell that appears above your head to know which spell you’re going to cast. If you’re not too fussy on looks, you can have the same name for all of your spells to confuse the enemy.

  • Countering a hold spell

  • Using beams instead of place explosions*

  • Catching opponents on ground

  • Beaming at far distance

  • Reading enemy movements #1

  • Know when to use a beam or blast

  • Use of Spears and Daggers

  • Standardise your spell size

  • Using placed explosions purposely

  • Using placed explosions at max distance

  • Strategy for Wind magic

  • Predicting spells

  • Punishing the enemy while stunned

  • Damage trading with placed explosions

  • Using perfect blocks

  • Blocking attacks with explosions

  • Disallowing attacks with explosions

  • Casting animation advantages

  • Watching magic energy

  • Perfect blocking a beam

  • Reading and recognising spells

  • Never use max iterations of an attack

  • Knowing and understanding your enemy

  • Don’t hold a T-jump

  • Blast return loops and how to counter

  • Use the same keybinds for spells

  • Watching your health

  • Optimal camera zoom

  • Tracking aim with mouse

  • Applying pressure

  • Be aware of the environment

Intermediate Advice


Advanced Advice


1v1 Scenarios - How to Counter


Playstyles and Techniques



Optimal Loadouts and Builds

In the game, there are multiple stats that you can get to add to your strength. These include Speed, Defence, Power, Knockback, Casting Speed, Magic Speed and Destruction. Weapons and items also have their unique stats, such as Slash Speed and Blocking Power. In PvP it is advised that you focus on a maximum of 3 stats for a concentrated power.

I will need to do some research on the exact stats each set of armor gives with certain enchants before I can come up with some good builds. For now, here’s some general information I can say:

  • Hard is the most efficient enchantment
  • Power is the best stat
  • Use a Wizard Pants, Wizard Robes, Dull Power Amulet, Dull Defence Amulet, Poor Power Amulet. Either with Hard or Strong enchant. Even though Vetex re-adjusted the scaling for other stats, power and defence are still the stats that are best at our current level.
  • Use magic size for magics with lasting AoE
  • Knockback, Speed and Destruction stats are irrelevant in PvP
  • Bows aren’t that good anymore, so don’t use them unless you plan on running double bow.
  • Always Strong enchant on weapons
  • Sunken sword is OP. Always use if you have it.
  • Swift enchant is useless on melee weapons.
  • Always use a shield with Heavy enchant, unless using weapons build with a hard enchant.
  • Fast magics and DoT magics should go attack heavy build.
  • Slow but damaging magics should go tanky build, because they need to aggro and tank hits. Positive damage trade.
  • Heat based magic users should use one or two swords, for the bleed synergy while aggro.
  • Don’t use weapons without an ability. Wacking is rarely used in fights.
  • Magic Speed and Casting Speed can be used for slow magics.
  • When the power stat is reworked, people with a damage multiplier less than 1 may want to consider using a build consisting of casting speed, defence, knockback and agility. Since most fast magics are low damaging, going power would not be as effective.


Before you read any further, always use all your keybind slots in PvP. You must have a spell for every possible occasion and situation so you can react properly. When I mean size, I mean both explosion and spell size. Have at least one variation of the following moves:

  • A 80-100% size Blast attack. All purpose.
  • A 20% size Blast attack. For when in need of high damage, but only have time for 1 shot to land.
  • A 20% size Triple Blast attack. When in need of high damage, but time for multiple shots to land.
  • A 100% size Triple Self sphere. For close range.
  • A 100% size Self sphere. For countering blast attacks if higher clash rate.
  • A 100% size Placed shockwave. All purpose.
  • A 100% size placed sphere. All purpose.
  • A 20% size placed pillar (no 100%). When enemy is in the air, but they have a better clash rate than you. Used for a positive damage trade.
  • A 20% size Beam attack. When opponent is stunned but your blast won’t reach them in time.
  • A 60% size Beam attack (if good aim). For AoE when enemy on ground.
  • A size 100% Beam attack. For AoE when enemy on ground.
  • A 30-40% strength forward Boost. For maintaining height after T-jump
  • A 100% strength forward Boost (quicker cast time than T-jumping). For initially gaining height. Quicker alternative to T-jumping if good ping.
2nd and 3rd Magic Combos


Guide to Each Magic -Playstyles


Update Log
  • [12/Aug] Updated Relevant PvP Magics into Good, Average and Bad, as well as including missed magics.
  • [28/Aug] Added a bunch of PvP tips and added bleed synergy info.
Things to do
  • organise the pvp tips
  • write more tips
  • write more everything
  • stop being lazy

If you want to contribute any ideas or want something changed, feel free to reply below or DM me at DoubleRun#3094.


Can you include something about how not to be punished? When I was fighting someone, whenever I attacked them, they dodged it and hit me with a beam before I even finished casting the spell.

Also, cool project. I’ll definitely give it a read when it’s finished.


Yup sure. I’ll write that in 1v1 Scenarios or advice. I’ll try to have as many categories as I can to cater for everything PvP.


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The knockback is really good for throwing off your opponent. I’ve PvPed with Wind and I’m able to launch my opponent high into the air with shockwave placed explosions and it throws off their aim briefly. The knockback also counters t jumps and can cause them to lose height. There is always a strategic way to take advantage of knockback with your magic.


You have a point in saying that it may throw off aim, but how does it counter t jumps and make your opponents lose height?

The knockback (from sphere explosions and blasts) completely changes your trajectory so the momentum you gain from t jumping would be gone.

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What are the chances you’ll get hit by a blast or explosion while you’re t jumping? I don’t think this will happen very often.

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