A conflicting situation we are in

It was just a matter of time after I saw those freaking sirens man, I had to take the opportunity to unleash my inner knowledge of fashion yet again.
And it didn’t help that one of the sirens in the trailer looked like lilly… just kinda with messy hair… ahaha :sweat_smile:

Lilly lotus AO (1)

So the context of what’s going on in this drawing is basically this:
The crew is planning to go venture to the dark sea (At some point) … And Edward notices how similar Lilly looks to the sirens and suggests an idea. Perhaps if she could dress as a siren they could confuse the actual sirens from attacking them on ship!

What a brilliant idea!
Too bad It’s awkward now on the ship for a while :sweat_smile: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Outfit details I added:

  • The outfit is constructed with a bunch of jewels, as we all know are there to entice greedy sailors to their doom… Two bracelets on each wrist, As well as two upper arm accessory’s that make sound to confuse people there’s a bag of gold nearby. An agility necklace, and an additional draping type of headpiece. That looks as if her hair is freshly wet out of the water!
  • I took inspiration from some belly dancing outfits and a bit of Indian dancers aswell, and came to make the chest piece a bit more embedded with jewels and chains. As with the skirt I shifted the lines to the side to make it slightly more hip focused. It is also laced with gold and has a jewel clip holding more draping circle minerals and a chain.
  • The whole color pallete Is gold white and blue basically, but I thought it good to mention since it does match her eyes! And Idk she literally reminds me of that one siren from the trailer at this point so I’m convinced “Agatha” went missing for a few days to let Lilly venture the dark sea :laughing:

  • Close up .
    Thank you for reading! Have a fun time sailing the dark sea too!!

he is gonna need rizz for this mission

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the rizzard


To be honest, I still don’t know how this variant of the siren outfit is LEGAL on roblox.

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Man you’re so talented :sob::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart:

Awawwww, thank you so much AJ :people_hugging:

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the rizzard of oz

Ohh ya bruh, forgot to mention in the post itself, The boat’s lineart is from CSP assets, I added the textures and colors on top of it and drew them characters and ocean.

Edward with all due respect, if you’re gonna play chicken and not going to get her…

then i will

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(complete sentence)


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(Made by clown101 btw)

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man what in the winterveilian-killing heck yall are down atrocious

(siren fit mid)

i can agree

i love men more

Resist it. The siren knows human psychology and is trying to kill you

Hey Clarity, how’d it go for Lilly? Did the Sirens welcome her to their coven? Did she dupe some poor sailors and lesbians into giving up their material possessions under false pretenses?

Jokes aside, Lilly looks absolutely stunning, can’t wait to kill Sirens for that outfit.



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I always love how you put so much effort into designing outfits, great work as always.

Lilly looks great as always, eddie better get his rizz up (he already has a lot, but still) :triumph:

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When thinking about it a bit more now. Lets say this, they venture into the sea right, It goes according to their plan for the most part, but at some point the sirens begin to suspect what’s happening on the ship? That siren is just too passive? They then manage to snatch her to a nearby island to question her, since I also wrote she looks exactly like another siren down to the hair and eyes and stuff, they being to think she’s broken or something lol. At the end of the day it all gets resolved though, they prob fight and she gets back on deck.

And thank you! :pray::+1: Gl on your expedition!

Thank youu yyiipiiee!!
I also find it super funny how everybody is telling edward to get rizz :sob::laughing: