A Creative Writer's deep analysis of random media!

Ah yes, my second thread, where I watch a movie 3-4 times to analyze it fully, discuss theories, insult it, praise it, whatever I want.

Unlike the LEGO thread, I am actually asking for recommendation of media for me to watch, read and enjoy.

Keep in mind, this is detached from any outside conflict. Actors and directors, not the concern here. I’m focused on the PLOT and writing only.

Weekly updates will happen here. Sometimes one movie, sometimes an entire franchise.

So… give me good movies, books, shows, and where I can enjoy them, and I’ll reply to your recommendation within a week of an analysis of the media.

(Side note, I do have a more firm and harsher opinion towards most anime unless its exceptionally good.)

i think you should watch my neighbour totoro

Give me at most a week, will reply to this message after three watches with a review and an INTENSE analysis of it.

please describe the cat bus in excruciating detail when you do

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Paprika by Satoshi Kon

The new fallout series on amazon prime :]

Mind telling me where I can find it?

when in doubt you can usually count on the high seas to have what you need

I want you to know in the 8 years I’ve known you, you saying this broke me. Not the other cursed shenanigans, not the tweets you send me. This- this broke me.

If you like poetry, I reccomend Zbigniew Herbert’s masterpieces, especially „The power of taste”. I don’t know if it sounds so good in English, but reading it in Polish is a pleasure. They may also be hard to understand for people who didn’t experience communism.

Not only did you choose one of the only languages I don’t want to ever learn, but you chose it when it is about a political topic I know FAR too much about and have the most INSANE takes on.

(I will find them in english, get back to you in at most a week!)

If I had a choice, I wouldn’t speak the wicked language of mine, but it is fun to torment others with it ;D

Okae then, curious to see your thoughts.

Moral Orel

Havent watched it but i heard from my friends that its really good

Its a show about a boy who “misinterprets” christian teachings, i think its a bit of a mature show

All episodes are supposedly free on youtube (according to one of my friends)

If you are in the US it is free on youtube. If not… yarrrr

You are after My Neighbor Totoro, I don’t have prime so I’ll probably just BUY it, but I gotchu!

Okay so taking a second look, and as a poet, I think it would feel WRONG to analyze and review poetry.

Poetry is something from your heart, from how you feel, and analyzing that and judging that just feels wrong. That’s someone’s soul in writing, and who am I to judge and try to analyze the poetry as if I’d understand the hardships? Not doing poetry out of respect to poets from trauma, with crucibles unlike any other.

Go analyse The Bible

I hope you wake up one morning with a bug in your mouth and your toes covered in mosquito bites. (all jokes, but I will find you.)

That’s like, an average morning for me.

I already began with you, I did my work to you, they are next :3