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Idk if u can call me cold-blooded or smth but I’ve only cried emotionally in one movie ever :skull:

I watched Schindler’s list and I was like “yeah this is definitely a masterpiece and very touching but why can’t I cry”

I hope someday I can write a story that can make people cry

I’m quite literally the same :sob:

And that was an animation movie of all things :skull:

I think its easier to connect with animation is because you can imagine yourself in their spot better. I break down every time I watch Nimona. I cannot stop crying when I watch it… I’m emotional, alright? A crybaby, sensitive, whatever, I like deep plots with pain.

I agree. That animation movie I watched is deeply connected to my childhood (actually every Asian’s childhood), I’ll let u guess

Yknow what, I’m bored and I don’t want to study and here’s a thread about films (which I love), and I want to share my thoughts on Schindler’s list

I went into this thing mostly blind. All I knew was it was about Schindler saving jews, and it was directed by Stephen Spielberg, a jew himself. Spielberg is my favourite director, he just brings so much magic and emotion to his films. Although I haven’t seen much of him, I’ve come to love his work.

I want to get the one negative out of the way first: in my humble opinion, I think there’s not a clear turning point in the movie. It’s supposed to be Schindler seeing the red coat girl’s corpse that caused him to act, but I feel like its a bit sudden. The movie spents a lot of time establishing Schindler as a greedy buisnessman and war profiteer. He doesn’t care for his workers that much, and frequently collaberates with the Nazis. This sudden change is a bit awkward for me.

With that being said, Schindler’s list is truly a timeless masterpiece. Everything about it is amazing. I didn’t know much about Liam Nesson - I only knew him through Star Wars, but he is amazing as Schindler. The scene where he departs from the workers struck a chord in me. I rewatched that many times and its amazing. Ben Kingsley is amazing as Stern as well. Now, here’s another nitpick I have: Ralph Finnes as Amon Goeth. Don’t get me wrong, Ralph Finnes is an amazing actor, and I love his other works, but I wish he went all in and potrayed Goeth more monstorserous. From what I know, this Goeth was toned down. I’d rather he went all out with it. Still, he’s definitely intimidating and evil.

The use of symbolism is strong. The black and white cinematography is gorgeous, and the little red girl is quite literally a highlight. There’s a lot more to the film that would take forever to disect.

The most memoriable scene is definitely the last one, but if I had to pick another one, it would be the cleansing of the ghetto. To me, this film brings out the very worst and best of humanity. Its shameful that we are capable of such horrifying things, to hate another race so much that they want to exterminate them. The film didn’t hold back - we see people slaughtered in their masses. As a Christian, to me this film brings out just how corrupted humanity is with sin. Which makes Schindler’s effort in saving 1,100 lives even more amazing. That someone would stand up in these times and save so many, so selflessly. And he still thought it wasn’t enough. Liam Nesson’s performance absolutely delivers.

But for me, the best part of the film is John William’s score. Personally, Schindler’s theme and Raider’s march are my personal favourites from Williams. John Williams is someone I look up to. He’s a phenominal composer. If it wasn’t for his score, the film wouldn’t have been as touching. The violin of Schindler’s theme is heart-wrenching. The way William conveys so much emotion with music amazes me, and its something I hope to achieve.

Overall, this is an amazing movie.

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TOUHOU (game)

Don’t let another soul into the abyss that is ZUN writing (ZUN world-building is fantastic), but writing is the definition of status quo stasis/Sazae-san continuity


I was about 20 minutes or so in (can’t remember, and the reason why is next.) and I figured I couldn’t handle it sober.

I drank so much I forgot the majority of the movie. I feel like I HAD to forget it, or else I’d never be able to. I just remember taking a lot of swigs of vodka and the scene of the kid in the toilet. I can’t forget that one scene. The rest, though? Gone with alcohol.

I just remember thinking that this one movie is probably the best and most accurate show of the concentration camps. It’s one thing to hear about what happened to your family tree, to read about it, but to see such an accurate portrayal and all you can see is family in their place… I can never forget that feeling of seeing your grandmother in the position of the characters.

Alcohol helped me forget it. I have to watch it sober some time, I did it a disservice. I just think I wasn’t mentally prepared to see that at a young age.

(Yes, I drank as a teen. Never to the extreme of that night, though.)

So I wanted to take a moment to show a playlist since we keep mentioning scores of movies.

I made this playlist to kind of represent a certain feeling I have, and I kind of can’t describe it besides saying that I don’t just feel it in this music or in my body but I feel it in my being itself.

I want to share this playlist so some of you can enjoy it.

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eyyy Mice on Venus! Can’t forget that.

IDK man, still kinda sounds unhealthy to drink as a teen. But hey, who am I to judge?

I have a family tradition going back a LOOONG time, where on holidays, starting at 13, you can have ONE GLASS OF WINE. I have only gone past without permission from my parents twice. And only once was it to the point I had a hangover. The other time was just some Smirnoff Iced with my older brother.