A Crimson Christmas



Cool art


wow cool

so wait is this like another guild?

Yes, Crimson Crescent.


can I join

This my guild tho

can you don’t

thanks for the invite <3

oh it’s on the discord rip :sob:

my discord is being weird but I will definitely consider joining so don’t forget meeeee

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Congrats man you finally got over your hatred of guilds.

You’ll get along fine with crimson crecent.

Hope you enjoy. :pray: :new_moon:

well now I am an (unofficial) crimson cresent member


really cus you didnt join the discord yet
:smile: im so excited to see you! :crossed_fingers:

I am literally praying to every god from every religion to get a good actual PC this xmas so I can play AO

and now to join the guild

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Are you excited to see me too :smiling_face:

bro you fishing for a response tbh


lol, I just think he’d fit in that’s all

(Thank you for the response I was fishing for)

Np brother

christmas time.

Everywhere I go
People talk about Christmas
Everytime I step out my door
I hear the Christmas songs
Everytime I go on youtube
I see Christmas

And I see it more when the days go by
She is thawing

nice art

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