A current list of all known Lost & Ancient Magic

I’m sure Lunar is one of vetex’s favourite magics, it’s appeared twice in the span of [not long] if we include leviathan

Lunar & Aether are the only lost magics thus far with two confirmed users (If you even count curse wielders as users)

For lunar, there’s one of the minibosses, leviathan, who’s a storm and lunar magic user.

Yeah. Leviathan & one of Wotans sons wield Lunar!

Should we include every single removed lost and ancient magic from the trello?

‘Confirmed’ is there for a reason


Weird, i tought the title said confirmed instead of known.

lets get you to bed grandpa

Thank you crimson :grin:


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i think vetex said something about aether lightning magic being a planned lost when asked why he didn’t have it as a custom in patreon chat once, so that could confirm it

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also slightly changed the formatting