A current list of all known Lost & Ancient Magic

I know there is probably a topic on this but i’m too lazy so i’m compiling these here for later purposes, will keep this updated as story progresses

Lost Magic

Ancient Magics

Let me know if i missed any


I think cloud as a magic has met the same fate as Mud, Atomic and Whirlpool;
Cool Arcane Adventures magic that has been forgotten about or outright scrapped to be playable with.

(rest in peace to steam magic also)

I mean, unlike those, its actually mentioned to exist in the story so its possible

Cloud (as a magic) is objectively less cooler than the ones listed above, if Vetex only adds cloud I’m crashing out :sob::fire:

sun magic, flash magic, and phoenix magic were mentioned in the lore doc too, they could be confirmed too


Also in the document, you can consider some of the Grand Fire Curses to have magic forms, as seen by in Blaze, Inferno, etc.

(Don’t know if Dead Revival Magic could be included here since it’s definitely not known to have been used by anyone except for Durza?)

Added :+1:


oh and from the same link that storm is from, Electron is confirmed (Atomic Replacement?) and Scorch is confirmed, (So very likely that the other Grand F. Curses are also canon)

Added (idk how i forgot about this :sob:)

So is Steam Magic just so that the Steam imbue has a name?

no, electron is a kind of lightning magic while atomic had to do breaking down and reusing enemy attacks

I’m fucking devastated.

im denying this for the rest of my life
this is the biggest heartbreak ever (apart from Ians cross being removed…)

Yeah, along with the previously mentioned mutations, these magics haven’t gotten any recognition in the slightest outside of fan-art and the AA webtoon.
(:sob: we lose atomic and mud but we gain fucking “lunar” and “frostmetal” :crying_cat_face: )

I refuse to believe that its spelt Ethereal rather than Aethereal
Even vet spelt it like that although admittedly it was a while ago

rest in peace darkflame :pray:
made complete logical sense to exist but still got replaced :frcryin:

Hmmm, why do I feel like Darkflame got replaced by a red variant of fire? It has caught my attention we actually dont have a red variant of fire yet… like Vermillion Flame or something? Crimson Flame? Idk, just a thought. Red fire would look sick :fire:

Lunar is also revealed in story! Good list Crimson!

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it was too edgy thats why it got removed

If the Grand Fire curses all have the attributes of fire, it makes no real sense to remove the one variation of fire based on it’s spreading. We can only hope another form of fire fills up its place :pray: