A dark adventurous guild has arisen

Guild Name: Crimson Crusaders
Guild Status: Dark
Guild Owner: BladeCrimulan519 | A_Crimson_Blade#5318


The Crimson Crusaders are a group of bandits and dark wizards that travel around the world causing chaos wherever they pass on through, leaded by their adventurous leader, Blade.



Roblox: BladeCrimulan519

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the name should be The Lords of the Edge

The Holy Lords of Darkness, Toxicity and Edge

@Inferno move this to guild recruitment?

Nah, it should be named Join the Edge Crusaders Discord Server!

what is the icon supposed to be

Red_Black Lightning Dark Guild:tm: join us, this is a threat


Alternative name: lords of edginess

One rep guilds are cring, allow any rep :troll:

agreed. legendary heros will rise up and fuck you over
Raccoo Bubba

you go full hero, you’re ganked by a villain squad. vise versa for villain

except we heros can pvp :thinking:

This reply section makes me sad.

The guy just wanted to advertise his clan and everyones just shitting on him.

@A_Nameless_Blade Good luck with leading your guild.


thats how it works

rep guilds usually get shitted on, due to them being, well
also guild wipe makes there be like no reason to recruit for your guild

i too wish this guy gl i guess

true but it’s possible he just wants to advertise his server

Thats kinda the reason why i posted, but i just mainly want to bring people together in my own way. If that makes sense…

mmm time to plagiarize other replies for goodwill

one-rep guilds are generally cringe, resulted in the thread of replies above

gl on leading the guild though