A Decently Arcane Anecdote (Chapter 3)

A Decently Arcane Anecdote (Chapter 3)

So… Our main character, Aiko Atrel, was a young… uhh… I’ll get it soon…
War… Warden living in Ravenna. Now if you are unfamiliar with Ravenna, go look at the bronze grasslands and imagine it as an island. But, other than that, Ravenna was a large island with a mountain and many people living on it, so this one meta-hating person isn’t that much of a big deal, apart from their plot armour which won’t disappear near the end of the chapter. (If you can’t tell that is supposed to be foreshadowing)
So Akio Atrel (Say that name 10 times fast) was running through a random field in Ravenna, away from some guards. Turns out Aiko Atrel was some sort of criminal, and while that has no actual importance to the story, it also had no actual importance to this story.

Now you might be wondering, what the heck about, Phoenix, Agni, Arven, Aaron, that mysterious guy at Redwake, Wyvern Rabbits and the other person I forgot the name of. And I’m going to ask what the hell are you on about, our main character is called Aiko.

Aiko Atrel, whilst running away from the guards, spotted an unusual crystal, the sort of thing you never pick up, especially in a world with magic. So she stopped running and picked it up. The guards are really confused by this decision, so hesitate, and die instantly as the crystal explodes (I told you you should never pick up any mysterious crystals)
Now due to plot armour, Aiko escapes unscathed, unlike the guards who were standing at least 30 meters away, and every bit of grass in a 100-meter radius. As I said, plot armour.
“That was unusual,” Said Aiko, as she looked around.
Turns out, as you might have expected, an evil spirit was released.
Aiko immediately prepares to fight, but being a warden just sorta summons some… uhh… Is there a sword equivalent to plot armour? She summons a plot sword and prepares to battle the evil spirit, leaping forward with somewhat pathetic speed. Due to her lack of health as a warden, she uses a defence armour build and a kinda bad intensity amulet she stole from a cat exactly 7 months 12 days 13 hours 27 minutes and 3 seconds ago. That might have to be a story for another time, as I will do some chapters about sad backstories in the future, but that will have to be after everyone dies.
Being this terribly built warden before spirit weapons are added, Aiko does no damage, but the evil spirit that was released also did no damage…
This reminds me of a pokemon battle involving Metapod, I’m having some flashbacks currently…
Aiko and the generic evil spirit are locked in a battle until the evil spirit remembers the “spirit” part of its generic name and possesses Aiko.
Because I am yet to be satisfied with the length of this chapter, Aiko cannot die yet, and the evil spirit cannot either, as it is vital for like chapter 4… Or 5… Or 6… Or whenever this first arc decides to end, as yes, this is the first arc, and yes, this suggests that this mess of a story has an actual plot.
The evil spirit decides to try and make Aiko fall off the mountain but fails due to unforeseen technical errors. The evil spirit had to adjust some things in task manager, which easily let Aiko run away from its control. Please do not question this logic.
Aiko, being a criminal, couldn’t quite run into a town packed with armed guards, so instead just kept running…
And If you remembered that this is an island, well done! Because Aiko also just remembered, and almost fell into the ocean. Luckily before she met her end by becoming the eye white’s next meal, she used the power of god and anime game logic to do some sort of backflip, and landed almost perfectly back onto the island, apart from the small pebble I specifically placed there so she would comically fall over. As she tries to get up, she remembers the fact she was currently trying to defeat a really generic evil spirit, who decides this is the moment to appear and try to knock Aiko into the water. Of course, Aiko has plot armour and falls into the water. As she is trying to swim away from the generic evil spirit, she spots a huge red shark with eyes a gleaming white…
Her “training” kicks in as she swims around the shark, grabs its mouth in a really dangerous move and turns it over. “Get Rotated, idiot” she tries to say, but as she is underwater, she fails pathetically. The shark, after being rotated, has no choice but to swim away without attacking.
Aiko remembers breathing is a thing so swims up to breathe, but forgets the enemy she was supposed to be fighting and gets launched at least 300 meters away into a random pirate ship by the really generic evil spirit’s blast attack.
“Stop spamming Q” She screams, as she is flying through the air faster than an AO player sails to find Mimhere Island.

On the random pirate ship that was previously mentioned, we can find Captain Gol D… Gold Roger? Nope, that’s probably already taken… Gold Robert. Gold Robert. That sounds half decent enough. Anyway, so Gold Robert was telling his crew about the legendary Mimhere island.

“So we will be able to find Mimhere island if we head 600 nautical miles northwest from the ruins 132/245th of the way in between Frostmill and…”
Before we can find where Mimhere island is, Gold Robert notices the human-shaped cannonball known as Aiko Atrel heading directly towards his pirate ship.
“Stop right there! Do not try to…”
Gold Robert gets hit in the face full force by the now extraordinarily dazed human shape cannonball known as Aiko Atrel.
“Golden Wind” Shouts Gold Robert, getting into a battle stance and preparing to fight Aiko, who has currently no idea what is going on. Somehow she parries all the golden bullets and counters with her plot sword, and in a moment of decent ping, manages to defeat the pirates.

Great now we will never know where Mimhere island is, thanks, Aiko.
Unfortunately for Aiko, the generic evil spirit turns up in a rowboat and throws a spear of some sort of evil magic at her.

And with that strike, Aiko Atrel fell…

Time for a new main character…
Epilogue Crest was a hunter’s apprentice who lives on Frostmill island, but unfortunately for him, he is currently in a tiny sailboat, in a storm, and his only company is his boss Guy (Yes that is his real name).
“So, the funny thing about the hides of Wyvern Rabbits, is that they seem to resist fear… if we used this to…”
Epilogue wasn’t listening to Guy’s monologue about Wyvern Rabbits, which is a shame, as Guy is currently giving him tips that would really help later on in the story. As you might have guessed, Guy won’t be around to give him these tips later on. The old mentor character always dies.
Guy was predictably, but still unfortunately struck by a bolt of lightning, knocking him into the dangerously cold and fierce void below. Epilogue tried to save him but failed, as it turns out trying to find a probably already dead person in a pitch-black sea whilst you are being battered to death by wind, can be quite a challenge.
“Guy!” He shouted, but to no avail, as literally, nobody was there to hear him.
Epilogue realises that he is alone on a boat, in the middle of nowhere, with only the hides of dead Wyvern Rabbits to help him.


dang that’s fast

Time to cook.

What was Shellseawing cooking??

you’ll never know